Friday, February 8, 2008


First I need to apologize for not have Aliana's pictures done yet or her slideshow! I know we've been slacking on getting it done so hopefully this weekend!! We just have to have a good sunny day and today definitely isn't and we've all had the touch of the flu or something similar...especially Ethan.

Last night was my sister's last basketball game for the season, which they lost, but we stayed for Varsity and they won by twenty some odd points. This is the first year the girl's varsity has done so well..and sad to say the boy's varsity had a really bad the worst in the last 10+ years I think it is. Anyways so we're standing outside the gym in the entry way and Ethan has fallen asleep during the last half so he had just barely woke up and we had his coat on him. We were standing there talking to some friends and he was giving us kisses like normal. Then all of a sudden he threw up all over me. It was so gross and it stunk. So I was only thinking about how we were going to get home without getting it on anything when he turned toward me again and threw up straight on with my chest this time. So yes it went down the shirt and everything!! My dad had an idea to get my tops off and wrap up in a blanket and after we got Ethan's stuff off we wrapped him up with me. Yeah so we broke the law and just sat in the front seat together like that but there was no way I was going to make my little sick boy sit in his carseat with a diaper and shirt on in the freezing cold was pretty warm in the car but yeah so that's what we did. I felt so bad for him and I'm sure he's still got a touch of it because he didn't sleep good at all last night even when I was holding him he still cried and this morning he went down for his nap without even crying!! Poor guy!! I hate seeing my kids sick. It's the worst feeling ever to not know what exactly hurts since they can't tell you and so you're not sure what to do for them. My dad checked his ears and throat and said they look fine so hopefully he just got a one day bug thing and he'll feel better or a little bit anyways since I know he's teething too so that makes him feel nasty as well.

Roger's turning 25 tomorrow!! He's not too excited but I am because I love birthdays! We don't have anything planned yet because he signed up to go out with the missionaries so we'll just have to wing it!


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i love birthdays too... Probably more than the person having them.