Sunday, March 29, 2009

When will the snow ever end?

These are my kids today..."What the heck mom it snowed again! When will we ever be able to play outside? How come it can be sunny in Moses Lake but snowing in Cheney?" Okay so maybe it's me complaining more than them, but everyone else has sunny days but us! I hate it and yes that is still a snow pile next to that car....It's seriously gotten ridiculous. We have changed our diets in this house...well I guess I should just say we are eating healthier although this weather makes me want to cuddle up and dive into some chocolate..I resist. (with an occasional sneaky bite) And I know that in order for me to lose these baby pounds I have to exercise and I am just not down with running in the cold...I hope I can just suck it up this week and start because I know I have to start somewhere...but my dang hip is killing fact so much that it kept us home from church today. While I was in the shower it was killing me to just stand straight that I started crying. I have no idea what I did but it's not good. My dad says I probably just slept on it wrong, but than why does it kill me? Yes I am complaining again..LOL I think I might try to call a D.O. this week and see if I can get some adjustments to see if it'll help my whole body feel better. I had a doctor's apointment last week to get bloodwork and things came back normal so I guess I'm just a run down mom that has no motivation...I put the kids in Ali's crib because I thought it'd be easier to get a picture of them if they were a little more confined...I actually think it was tougher! I love her little grin!
You can see Ethan's Lighting McQueen bed in the back. He wouldn't give me a good smile...this'll do.
Ali always cheeses it up for me!
He had to climb in the window....that's my boy!
Roger had his spring break last week, but didn't get a real break since he is still doing his phlebotomy course. He had clinical hours this week too at the local Rockwood clinic. He is really enjoying being in the medical field already. As for me we did sports pictures the week before so I'm working hard trying to get them edited. Life couldn't be busier....well maybe just a little. I think if I can't find time for Roger to watch the kids since I don't really have any clue how this next quarter will go I'm going to look into buying a jogging stroller. Anyone have any suggestions on a double jogging stroller?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

6th Place

is awesome!! We won the first two games and lost the last two!! The girls played really well the first two nights and the third night just couldn't sink anything. The last game Carly Noyes got kicked in the ankle so was out of most of the game. We still managed to keep it close until the end and everyone was proud of the girls for not giving up once they knew Carly would be out the rest of the game.
Kaitlin with the kids after their second game! They'd get so excited to see their aunt KK

Kait got some air! She played tough...with some great steals, rebounds, points, and swats.

They wore their pink shoelaces the rest of the season after breast cancer awareness day for luck.

Waiting for the ball to come down...

Their last game was for 3rd or 6th place and we still can't quite figure out why they do the brackets that way instead of 3rd and 4th place.
Grandma and Poppy Waites made it up for the game Friday night and stayed for the game Saturday as well. We were all happy to see them. They have always been big supporters of our sports events!! We love them so much!! Alyssa was a great help with the kids and I'm grateful she could come!!

All in all it was a good state tournament for Moses Lake....but we're sad that this will be the end of the Bill Waites Jr. family sports careers at MLHS. Kaitlin graduates in June!!! Yay!

Looking forward to the next generations to come...

Ali just loves Kaitlin. Good thing she's planning on attending Eastern in the fall!! :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We are headed to State Basketball in Seattle!!

Kaitlin's team made it to state this year and we couldn't be more excited for her. I am looking forward to going and supporting her all the way! I hope they win!! It's been a great season and we are all way proud! So I am off with my parents and my cousin Alyssa (to help me control my kiddos) to Seattle for state. We are going to miss Roger, but he has a lot of school stuff going on. You can see pictures of their team here -

I stayed up all night making these shirts for the kids to wear. I didn't know about Kait going to state for sure until they won their game Friday so I'd been thinking in my mind of all these ideas. I finally had a chance to work on them once I got to Moses and got some fabric paint! I'm not sure which is my favorite. It was fun designing something like this. All I needed was some freezer paper, fabric paint, a few iron-ons, and blank t-shirts!! I really like how I put the basketball going into the pocket on Ethan's black shirt..I wanted to make it look a little more manly since it had gold letters. The first ones are the same with the go chiefs on the front and the 34 is on the back. I love the internet because it's how I found out about freezer paper!! Wahoo!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

What I loved in February...

I previously wrote about my mom watching the kids for me. Well the last full weekend in February she offered to watch them again so I could give my bedroom (and laundry) some much needed attention. It also gave Roger and I a chance to go out after work one night to see Taken. That was really all we had time for so we didn't get to enjoy a nice meal out together. :( I had spent most of that previous week in Moses Lake going to my sister's basketball game and watching Natalie so Roger hadn't seen the kids for a week. The picture above is what they did with him after they got a little of attention playing on the floor with him the night we got home. They just all cuddled up and watch Wall-E, Ethan's most recent favorite movie. My mom got him the Wall-E pillow. I love that my kids adore their dad so much. Ali has recently become really attached to him and would rather be with him than me.
This is our clean bedroom. There are some people I haven't allowed to go in here because of the dreaded laundry everywhere. To be honest we just have way too many clothing items to just fit in this dresser and our closet. Roger has almost his whole wardrobe in the kid's closet and I have some of mine in ours. We have a lot of work out type clothes though that need a place since our dresser is full so we will have to find something!! We got this bedroom set shortly before Ethan was born because my mom suggested us to have a headboard since I would be nursing at night and it has been a life saver. I am so happy we made this purchase early on in our marriage! I know I need some cute bedding to go along with it but I just can't find the right duvet cover for our down comforter. Oh and yes our walls are bare. I am working on that because we have beautiful wedding canvas' to hang. I also love that I got to have a clean room in February. A lot of you might think I'm a slacker, but since I don't spend anytime in our room but to sleep it is the last room on my agenda to be cleaned...everything else has my complete attention first!