Friday, February 15, 2008

Our 1 month old and 15 month old!!!

Aliana is a month old today!! Oh my heck I can't believe how time has flown!! It's so cool to think that AubRee had her baby today and Brittany will have her baby next month!! Yeah all my friends are having babies with me!! It's so fun because they'll grow up together. :) Aliana has the curliest hair when it's wet but when it dries it's so straight and funky but we love it!! She has so much and I'm sure I could put it in pigtails if I wanted. I made some cute headbands so I'll post more pictures of her wearing those, but I had fun taking these pictures today!

She loves her binky just like her brother loved it at this age. Good thing that only lasted 8 months.
... She has big dark eyes...
They have matching hats so I just had to take pictures and yes they have the sweaters to go with them but they are so much cuter naked!!

Ethan likes to play with the massager, but it's usually not massaging him just in his mouth! Here's Ethan with his hat!! He didn't last too long because he was too busy!! I think we might chop his hair off this weekend. If anyone thinks I should keep it long please give me some advice because I'm not sure what I should do with it. I'm a little scared to buzz it.


The Sharp Fam said...

Your kids are so beautiful! Does Ethan just love having a little sister? We wish you guys lived closer so we could meet little Ali. But who knows...maybe I'll get a chance to come over to Moses Lake this summer. My cousin is getting married in Montana and we are flying into spokane. So maybe we'll take a road trip because I am sure my mom is dying to see Tami Bates anyways!

ckweller said...

She looks so much like Ethan! She has bigger rounder eyes though. I think they are both so cute you and Roger do good work!

Walkers said...

Cam says Ethan is little black ninja and Ali looks just like you. I agree. We also think that you guys have a great recipe- your kids are so cute!!! Click on Blog Design on my blog to get instructions on how to pimp your blog.... Love you guys!!!