Wednesday, June 25, 2008

*Cheney*..Our New Home

I still haven't gotten used the fact that we live in Cheney. Moses Lake is home and always will be. I can't complain about having our own place again though. We liked living with my parents, but when you've lived on your own with your family and then gone back to living with your parents it's a little hard because you have to think about other people and not just about you and your little family.

So far I've liked Cheney. It's small, but hey Spokane is a quick 15 minutes away! Roger got a job at Mustard Seed, but is still looking for another job so he gets more hours. I can't wait for him to bring me home some food. He said he tried some last night and it all was delicious. We took the kids to Kun Fu Panda the other day and I was so proud of Ethan because he watched almost the whole thing but the last twenty minutes. Ehtan would yell out "uh oh" when something bad happened. It was so cute. Ali was awake too and watched most as well. It's nice to have your kids calm enough to go to a move. It was an animation movie though so I don't plan on going to any other type with them because I know that won't be too fun unless it's a late show and they are already konked out like they did when we went and saw Prince Caspian in Utah.

Aliana is getting so big. I am convinced she is a weed. I can't complain though since she was so tiny and is filling out so there is more to fill her clothes. Everything is still ginormous around her waist. I wish that was me. She grabs at everything and wants to put all of it in her mouth.

Ethan continues to amaze me daily. He is trying to talk and it kills me that he gets so frustrated when he can't say something. We have watched a lot of baby einstein since we don't have cable yet and so he's constantly trying to say things they say. His new words are "bus, car, cat, dog, uh oh and cracker." It was so cute last night I was on the phone with Roger when he got off work and we were watching baby einstein about shapes and a cracker came on for a square and he just yelled "CRACKER" but kind of with a monster voice and pointed at it. It was cute because he sounded so proud of himself and was beaming. He also likes to take Ali's blankets to her. And he always says "OOOH" when he's around her or if he sees another baby. He's always trying to help me clean which makes me a little crazy because he makes more of a mess than anything so then I have to clean that up too. He has such a tender heart though I hate getting mad at him because he just sobs. He threw the football off the couch last night and I know he was intending for it to hit Aliana but it did right in the back of the head. She didn't cry though, but he got a spank for that and had to kiss her better. I've also noticed he's been trying to feed her when she's in her carseat next to him in the car. I found to chicken nuggets in her seat on the opposite side of where he sits because he was trying to feed her and yesterday I caught him trying to feed her a cookie. haha...too funny

Well we only have my parents laptop here so I don't have any pictures to post, but we're hoping to get a desktop soon and then hopefully I can get some pictures up.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ali's Pictures

My mom and I decided we needed to take pictures of Aliana and yesterday was a good day for it!! My mom did an awesome job capturing Ali's personality. She wouldn't look at my mom that much to smile, but we did catch a few. There are tons more that I love but I didn't want to overload everyone. Oh and I edited them to my liking. Hope everyone enjoys them as much as I do!

She just wanted to stick her fingers in her mouth the whole time we took pictures of her in this outfit.

I love this smile!

I thought it was funny that my mom got this look on her face!

So innocent!

I love this picture!

Moving to Cheney

Well we have moved to Cheney. Although I wasn't sure I wanted to leave Moses Lake...I have decided it is the best for my little family. We found an apartment really quickly and we love it. It's only a two bedroom but that'll have to do us for a little while until we can get a bigger one. The managers are LDS so that's a plus. We don't have a computer yet so I probably won't be able to post many pictures. I am in Moses Lake until this evening so I'm planning on getting some pictures up of Ali before I leave that my mom took yesterday. She's growing so fast.

We had the kid's well child checks last week. Aliana was 13 lbs. 8 oz. and 25 inches long and Ethan was 24 lbs. 15 oz and 33 inches long. Ali is growing like a weed. She is still very petite and we know she didn't get it from my family (in the doctor's words).

My brother leaves for his mission today. It is very sad and I don't know if I'll be able to keep it together when I have to say goodbye to him. We have spent a lot of fun times together these last few months and I'm going to miss all of the fun we had. My mom took some awesome photos of him. There is one below but you can check out a few more here.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Finally The Rest of the Utah trip..

I know it's been so long since I've blogged but I didn't want to post anything new until I got around to getting these images edited from Utah! They turned out cute! There are a lot so check out the fun!
Saturday and Sunday of our trip we went to Heber City and spent the time with Heather's parents and sister aka the Daun family. We enjoyed getting to see a different part of Utah. Saturday for dinner we got to try Dairy Keen. It was delicious. Heather and informed us that they were known for their burgers and I can tell you quite honestly that it was one of the best I've had at a fast food joint...oh and their milkshakes...I crave them all the time now!! I definitely suggest this place if you are in the park city/heber city area. Sunday we took a walk after dinner. It was beautiful. All of these pictures were taken on our walk and then afterwards when we got back and everyone was jumping on the trampoline.

Ali got a lot of sleep this trip!
Aleksa has such a cute little smile! We loved getting to meet her! She has a beautiful personality when she's not trying to tackle one of my babies..haha

Everyone on the way to the park..
Look I caught a picture of Heather jumping in the air!
Heather's little sister Tori and Aleksa!
Ethan loved the gravel.
Roger's face was hilarious so I had to capture it!
Ethan loved the slide. He kept going up and down..up and down.
Roger took these pictures of Aliana after she woke up.
I thought this turned out cute..would've been better if she looked at the camera.
I told you...up and down..up and down..
*Beautiful sunset*

Love this face!
Cam and Aleksa..
Aleksa starting to get Ali...
Three Generations!!

I made these matching headbands! Aren't they adorable together??
It was so hard to get them to look at us at the same time so we just let them play.

On the way back from Utah we stopped at the McDonald's in Boise to meet up with a sister that served in Rob's mission. We were lucky they picked such a fun place for Ethan. He loved it!!
Roger climbed up in there with him and I got this picture of them coming down the slide.
Playing nintendo...