Tuesday, August 28, 2007


So my dad and Roger are driving back already!! Thank goodness! I'm going crazy without my husband. They will be in Fayateville, Arkansas tomorrow with our bestest friends Cameron and Heather Walker!! Heather is about to have a baby any day and we're so excited for her!! It's a girl and I'm hoping they name her Avery. Anyways Cam and Heath were great friends to us while we were in VA. We were so sad to see them move away from us before we decided to move back to Moses Lake! I'm getting sad thinking about it. When we moved into the apartment complex we had wanted since we moved to VA we were right across from their apartment so we were constantly hanging out with each other. Heather and I loved to watch America's Next Top Model every Wednesday night and occasionally watched Laguna Beach or The Hills as well together. She was a big time scrapbooker and showed me a lot of cool things. She's way better at scraping then me. She takes so much time making the pages look perfect and I throw mine together real quick and hope they look half as cute as hers. I was always jealous!! Roger and Cam always talked sports and both loved the Seahawks. We went to their house for the superbowl game when Seahawks finally got that far!! It was awful that the officials made it so Seahawks didn't win!! Cam took Rog to his first MLB game in Philly. Roger loved it and still talks about it all the time. Heather was such a good sport when I was pregnant! She would get me out and walking all the time just so I could have the baby soon even though he didn't come until 5 days after the due date. And when Cam and Heather stayed until 12 am at the hospital when I was in labor I knew they were our best friends!! I was so happy to have them there I just wish Ethan would've come sooner so they could've been there. I still can't believe they hid they were pregnant from us for so long because we were always hoping they'd get pregnant and they had been for I think it was over 3 months!! Man I miss these guys. We had so many good memories!! Cam and Heather were true friends to us and we are so lucky we met them when we did. I know they've truly put up with a lot from me since I was a little coocoo when I was pregnant. Just ask and they'll tell you quotes and other things I did when I was pregnant that were just nerdy! Friends are important in our lives and I just want to say thank you Cam and Heath for being so awesome!! Our family loves you and Ethan will never forget Uncle Cam and Auntie Heather. I can't wait until we all get to see you at Christmas time when I'll be big and prego!!
This is when we went to Mill Street Grill in Staunton for Heather's 23rd Birthday!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

10 more days!!!

I think it will only be about 10 more days that I have to go without seeing my good looking husband which I miss dearly!!! This has been so hard and I give my heart to all the women and men who have to leave their spouses to go serve in the military. There is no way I would allow my husband to even say he wanted to do something like that because I can't imagine being away from each other for months or even years on end!! It would be so sad and I think I would go crazy...Plus to think that he would probably miss out on things that our children would do would be so sad. I guess you just work things out when things like that happen, but I can't imagine it at all and am just thankful I don't have to. Roger has been such a good husband about this whole thing though. I'm so grateful that he was willing to pack everything up for us and clean out our apartment. He also has been sleeping on his friend's couch, which I know can't be comfortable, and hasn't complained one bit. He's been such a trooper and me on the other hand has just been wanting him here already and I think who cares about anything. I just want the love of my life to be here and hold me close. If only we could survive on love alone, right? I mean I think we'd all be so much happier because we wouldn't have to think about money and worry all the time. I think that's what has most of us stressed and worried so much and doesn't it always seem like even when we have money it's still not enough? Oh gosh I think I'm turning into a hopeless romantic since my husband is so far away...

Okay so today we went to the Aquatic Center again and Ethan was so tired because he hadn't had a nap yet at all, but yet still played and played in the water, and then in the sand. I took him to feed him the rest of his bottle and he fell asleep for only about 20 minutes and then he was awake again wanting to play. We went back in the water and he just splashed and leaned his head up against me so I could tell he was tired but didn't whine or anything. I swear he is the best little kid ever. He hardly ever whines. I guess my next one is probably just going to be awful to make up for how sweet Ethan is. It's days like today that I wish Roger was here already because he hasn't seen him swim yet.

Tomorrow I have a job interview at Homestead Mortgage Company so wish me luck!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Aquatic Center

Today we went swimming with the Jones Family at the Aquatic Center! It was Ethan's first time being in a big pool like that and I think he's going to be a fish! He played in the water for about 2 hours straight!! It was so fun to play with him!! He was trying to blow bubbles in the water the whole time and he just giggled and laughed!! He knew he had to hold on to me though!! He's a very smart boy!! And of course ADORABLE!!

Ethan holding on to the edge and kicking his little feet!!!

What a cheesy smile!!


SO an Ethan face....

He knows he's cute!!

His first time playing in sand...at first he wasn't sure what to think and just sat there with his feet moving and then he realized he could reach into it and pick it up. When we were done and walking away he still had two hand fulls of sand!!

I just love being a mom to such a fun baby!

Can you tell I love kisses???

Ethan splashing away!!

What a FUN day!!!

I think we'll be making a trip back to the Aquatic Center soon!!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Day At The Park...

Nana decided it would be fun for us to go to the park so she packed a lunch and we went down to McCosh Park!! Of course she had to bring Blaze (the family dog) with us. Aunt Kaitlin loves her little nephew!! Nana thought it was fun to have Ethan in the tree for this picture!
Ethan and I went down the slide together!!

Ethan had fun swinging in this swing! It was his first time to the park!! It was always too humid in Virginia for me to go to the park!! I love my cute baby! He makes me smile!

Monday, August 6, 2007



Today we decided to see how Ethan would react to bubbles! At first he didn't know what to think and then he started trying to catch them! After a while he got tired of them so I guess we'll have to try again another day, but while he was playing with them he was being extremely cute about it!!

Yesterday Ethan took his first step! I texted Roger to tell him the news and he told me not to tell him that because he can't miss that! We got him to stand up today so we took a few pictures so everyone can see how big he's getting!! Isn't he growing so fast?? We think he's going to be walking soon.

The funnest thing lately that Ethan is doing though is dancing! Everytime we say "dance" and bounce a little bit he starts bobbing his head and shaking his arms. It's so cute! Maybe I can get a video uploaded on here sometime just so everyone can see him shake it!!