Sunday, November 8, 2009


A couple weeks ago when I was in Moses Lake my friend Heather and I went out and took some pictures of our kids. She got a cute one of my kids together looking at her, but I didn't have as much luck...oh well!! I still think the pictures turned out cute... I know her diaper is showing but she is just so stinkin' cute in this pic!! I love it!!
She definitely had more smiles for me than Ethan did!!

He kept doing cheesy faces...
I think this is my favorite of Ethan...He is becoming such a big boy!!
This picture has sun flare but oh it! Yes Ethan loves to show off for everyone!!

Here is Ali playing in the leaves afterwards!!! She wouldn't look at me by this point though!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

This year we stayed in Cheney and decided to head into the mall in Spokane because we couldn't figure out when or where the trunk-or-treat was!! Maybe we just missed it while we were gone. I don't know, but we had fun walking around the mall with the kids. It was nice to be indoors, but it was packed this year compared to last! After my camera came back from the shop I took pictures of the kids and left it in Moses Lake so these pictures are just from my Iphone but atleast I have some for right now! I hope to get some better ones soon!!
Ali was a bee fairy!! We painted her cheeks yellow and her nose black!! She could even say "trick-or-treat", but got really shy...Ethan was a ninja turtle!! He had a blue eye cover too but it was off by the time we got home. His face paint faded quite a bit too!! Everyone said he was the only ninja turtle they had seen!! Here Ethan is just being silly posing for me!

And this is Ali at church yesterday in her pretty dress my mom got her a while ago but finally fits her skinny body!! This cheesy face was what I got when I told her to say "cheese"!