Thursday, February 21, 2008

Red is my FAVORITE color..

And Aliana looks so beautiful in it!! It goes so well with her skin color. I had to get some pictures of her in this outfit since I think she looks adorable!


ckweller said...

She really does have the most beautiful skin color! I'm so jealous.

The Graham Family! said...

Your two kids are so flippin adorable!! Thanks for commenting on my blog! It's fun to keep up with what our families are up to! It's exciting to see our little families and how they're growing!! One of these days we'll have to let Ethan and Ashlyn play. I bet they'd have a lot of fun! He's such a little stud! I want another one soo bad but I'm not brave enough to have them too close together. You're basically super mom!

pcd said...

If it's possible, I think she's getting cuter every time I see her! She is just beyond adorable!