Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ali's 18 month WCC

Ali had her well child check yesterday. Yes she is almost 21 months but her doctor was on maternity leave and then it took forever to get her an appt. once she got back. She got 5 shots and cried but didn't scream. She's such a sweetie. She weighed in at 20 lbs even which puts her in the 1% for her age. I am a little concerned...so I'm going to try and fatten her up a little bit with milkshakes. She is just a tiny girl. Her height was 33.5 inches which put her in the 79% for her age and her head size was average. She just needs to work on the weight thing.

Karissa took this picture while we were at her appt. with her cell phone. I am really missing my camera since it is still in the shop getting fixed. I hope once I get it back I will be able to take lots of pictures to catch up on what I've been missing out on...

Ali has been saying so many words and she loves to point to all of the body parts and name them off. She even says her name now and it's so cute!! She isn't a baby anymore, but a toddler!! I am looking forward to having a newborn around soon!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

*sWiNe FlU*

It seems like this whole year I've only written about how sick our family is...and once again I am writing about it...

Last Friday I had already had a cough for a couple days and Ethan was coughing with a Fever..as I posted earlier that week Ali had an ear infection so she had had fevers and cough as well...When I got back to Cheney Roger said we were going to the Dr. because they've been talking about swine flu so much at work he wanted to make sure we were all ok and that I wouldn't have to worry about the baby....well of course Ethan tested positive for swine flu..they tested me and I was negative but they said they didn't believe the results since I had all the symptoms but fever..let me tell you that body aches when you are pregnant is like a hundred times worse then when you aren't..my tailbone was even hurting. Ali didn't get tested because she was already on antibiotics for her ear and they figured she either had it or would get it so they just put her on tamiflu as well...since Roger didn't have any symptoms then they didn't put him on anything. While the rest of us were feeling like crap all conference weekend Roger was fine, but then Monday night he got a fever and a headache and went in and the doctor just put him on tamiflu because they didn't want him to get tested since it is pretty painful (they stick this nasty q-tip type thing up your nose until it hurts and move it around to get the gunk) and since I was pregnant they just wanted to prevent any more swine flu coming into the home. By Tuesday the three of us were done with the five day dose of tamiflu but my kids were still exhausted...you can get nausea and vomitting from the tamiflu and I was lucky to get it since I didn't have an appetite and it was supposed to be taken with food. I felt bad for Roger because the fever was bad and his chest hurt really bad. He always seems to get the worst of the symptoms no matter what kind of sickness he gets.

We are all doing a lot better...still a little cough..but feeling happy that the swine flu is gone..

On a happy note...my mom and I got to photograph Ellie O'Neill and Tyler Fredericksen's wedding and reception this weekend. She looked beautfiul....

My mom wanted to snap a picture of me pregnant since I don't have any from this pregnancy yet and supposedly I looked good last night so she got this while we were at the reception...THANKS MOM...

Although you can't see the outline of my belly I think you get the idea of how big I am...26 weeks..hopefully only 12 more if I get my way!! LOL

I hope the next post will be more uplifting!!!