Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Park time!!

Well since today I have been feeling better than the last week I decided to try and get out with the kids...so we went to the park and took some pictures!!! Karissa was my model so the kids loved posing with her!! LOL..it was fun!

Ali just had to grab Karissa's face for some reason!!
Now I just have to work on a four page paper...BORING!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Finally some EXCITING NEWS!!!

We are expecting our third child!! Wahooo!!

No it wasn't expected, but we have decided it will always be a blessing to have another beautiful baby enter our lives. And no I wasn't trying to be pregnant with all of you out there that are pregnant as well. We thought we were going to wait another year. LOL.

This baby is due one day after Ali's second birthday which would be January 16, 2010. This puts me at 9 weeks tomorrow. I am hoping I won't have to wait that long, but who knows.

I have been extremely sick (some of you may have noticed my posts on facebook about not feeling well) and have resorted to just laying on the couch somedays trying to tend to the children as much as possible. I throw up just about every morning and some evenings. I constantly feel nauseous and cannot eat that much at one sitting.

It has been extremely difficult to not just scream it out to the world. Especially when I found out the week before Memorial Day weekend when we saw everyone at Spring Fest that we don't see that often. But Roger and I decided we would wait until after my first appt. to make sure everything was going well because I did have a CT scan in the first couple weeks of being pregnant (because I had no clue) and I read about how those can cause miscarriages so I have been extremely worried.

We had our ultrasound today (and I don't have a scanner that works so I couldn't post it, but there isn't much to see but a peanut shape) and the baby is tiny, only a little over 2cms. It made me really excited but a litte nervous at the same time. Each pregnancy has been completely different, but I do remember the pain of the contractions I had all the time with Ali and I'm not looking forward to that. I got all of my blood drawn today too and wasn't faint afterwords so that was nice. We do have a name picked out for a boy, but girl's names are the hardest for us!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The last High School Graduate

Kaitlin graduated Friday!! It is crazy to think that the youngest of our family is graduated high school. She's attending Eastern Washington University in the fall and we are so excited to have her closer to us!! She will be graduating from Big Bend Community College as well Friday, June 12. She has enjoyed high school, but is looking forward to starting a new chapter in her life. This year they got to choose who they could walk with since they were doing it on the new turf field so Kait asked Kale Daniels-Brown. We are all so proud of Kaitlin and her accomplishments. She's worked so hard and gotten awesome grades. Way to go!!

Kait and her mini me!!
All of the kids who could make it. Ben is still on his mission in Argentina and Rog was working. :(
The PROUD parents!!
Some of the Sanchez family with Kait.
Kale and Kait.
My angel looking for her "Kay Kay".