Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We have been so busy!!

I watch my nephews every day before school and after! So our whole family dynamics has changed. Alec & Owen are fun to watch! I hope that they think of me as the "fun" aunt! I have done a couple quick mini sessions with them after school and they love it!

We wake up around 6:30-7am every morning and get the kids in bed by 7:30-8pm every night. I have always loved sleeping in but am now finding that I love being up early because I get a lot more done in the mornings. (MOSTLY WORK)

The business has been so busy crazy lately. I'm working long for those of you who think our work is easy you have it all wrong!! I would rather be shooting than editing any day, but we definitely have more editing than shooting as always editing takes quite a bit more time, especially weddings. In the last three months we have done 5 weddings!! This is unusual for us because we like to only do 1 wedding a month, but all of our weddings were fun and we really enjoyed getting to know the brides and grooms even more! We even got to do a "trash the dress" session for one couple!! :) I LOVE my job!!

Which is why... I don't think I mentioned this previously but we moved back to Moses Lake with my parents until Roger is done at Eastern. We thought we'd be done in two quarters and then hopefully be into a PA school somewhere but it looks like it'll be a full year for him and then maybe PA school in June. We are applying to a school in AZ and they accept more students than other schools so we are hoping our chances are better!

And hooray for me because I officially am done with my BA!!! I hadn't been in school for a year because my school had messed up on my loans so we had to come up with $1,500 for my senior class before I could finish and when we did I got to it again and finished. My degree is in Business Management! I will apply for my diploma shortly which costs another $150 and it will take 10-12 weeks to get here! Man alive I don't know why I did the whole online thing because it costs way more than we thought we were paying, but I guess it helped while I was having babies like crazy!! HAHA I have been talking about how I would love to be in the medical field as an office manager, but don't know when that'll happen while I have little ones at home. I'm also thinking about going back to go to nursing school once the kids are in school. Who knows though...I really enjoy photography and will eventually take over the business!

Ethan says the darnest things lately!! The other night we were walking in the mall and Roger was saying how he needed more cologne and I said, "Where's your girlfriend when you need her?" because when you are dating someone that's always a gift you anyways who knew Ethan was listening until the next day he asked me who daddy's girlfriend was. Haha..I laughed and asked where he heard that and he said in the mall I told daddy he had a girlfriend. Too funny so I explained to him that I was daddy's wife and that he didn't have a girlfriend I was just joking. He then told me how he wanted a girlfriend so he could kiss her!! What happened to my 3 year old? I guess he will be 4 soon! It's crazy to think that much time has passed!!

Aliana is such a little diva!! She loves her shoes and accessories. We painted the bedrooms upstairs and hers is a mom bought a pretty chandelier to go in there and some cute shabby chic twin beds with a dresser! Once we get the quilts made we will have to post pictures! She loves her room! I went to hobby lobby last week because they just opened one in Spokane and fell in love with so much stuff so we are going to figure out what other things we want to use to decorate as well!!

Benjamin crawls and pulls himself up all the time! He is a crazy little monkey! We get him to say mama and dada every once in a while!! He is a perfect little baby besides his pinching. I had to quit breastfeeding because I wasn't putting out enough with the diet I was on!

Oh yeah...I have been doing the Ideal Protein diet for almost 11 weeks! In the first 6 weeks I lost 30 pounds and have continued to lose a little and manage my weight. I am in phase 3 now and feel great. The best thing about this diet is you don't lose your muscle mass just your fat!! I have already lost more than my original goal (weighing less than what I did when we got married) so now I am setting new goals. If you want to know more about it I am thinking of doing a blog post on it! I am going to start doing P90x I think here soon.

We managed to grab a quick family picture the other night! Benjamin's face cracks me up every time!! Can't wait to get some more done!! I love this little family of mine!! :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

What do you think?

The picture above is of Ethan at 8 months! Benjamin will be 8 months on Tuesday and the four images below are ones I took today of him real quick to compare. Do they look a lot alike?? The first picture of Benjamin is the real color...can you believe how red that hair is? I can't!! You can see it better if you click on the image.. He is too cute with those two teeth poking out!!!

This was a picture I took of Benjamin a couple weeks ago that I love...but you can barely see his teeth coming up..