Thursday, February 28, 2008

Let it Shine!

It was about 60 degrees here today and we were soaking it in! Roger washed the Santa Fe and I decided to take Ethan out for some fun time outside. He enjoyed it a lot and was worn out each time we came in to grab something. When we'd get inside he would run to the counter and reach for his cup because he was thirsty from playing so much. He's been throwing different types of balls around but today when we took this little soccer ball out I taught him how to kick it. He kept tripping over it but it was so cute to see him copy me. He's really learning things fast now just by watching. I love being a mom! I am reminded of it every time I see his smiling face...and Aliana's but she hasn't started to smile a lot yet. I'm sure she'll be just as happy-go-lucky as Ethan.

Oh yeah I haven't cut Ethan's hair yet so please give me some input on how I should cut it. I mean should I just get it trimmed or have them use the clippers and cut it short??

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Cherry Blossoms said...

Hey Mars!
We sure miss you guys! Looks like you are enjoying life! Congrats on Aliana, what a cutie! I have a blog for my hair accessories where you can keep up to date on whats new...
Love you guys,
The Smiths