Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Crazy Fun Son!

Roger has been so good about grabbing the camera and capturing Ethan when he's doing funny things. My mom has introduced him the massage chair and showed him how to turn it on so he likes to climb up in it and sit there and read. It's too cute!!

Ethan also likes to climb into things. He is always diving into his toy bucket head first, but here he is just trying to get into the basket!!

Picking his nose!! EWWWWWWWW
He likes to wear his daddy's hats. He always puts them on normal and then ends up pulling it over his face and walking around with it like that so he ends up falling down like in the last picture!

Besides all of the crazy funny things Ethan does he has started to do a little bit of signing. His favorite is milk. If I say milk he signs and then runs to the kitchen looking for his cup. Roger also taught him how to blow kisses. He does high fives and knuckles as well as wave buh-bye. He's growing up so fast and I can hardly stand it!

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The Graham Family! said...

haha that's too funny about him crawling into the toy basket. Ashlyn did that this morning and I was like.. what on earth are you doing? Goofy kids! I can't believe how fast our kids are growing up!