Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Ethan is definitely a boy!! I read about everyone's kids that won't dive into anything with their hands because they need a utensil! NOT my boy! He loves to dive right in and use his hands. Well I guess you could say he also things he's superman because he likes to jump or dive off of the back step outside. Sunday evening when we had everyone over for dinner after the blessing, some adults were sitting around the table playing a card game and it got hot so they opened the door when they put the dog out and left it open. Ethan saw that it was open and took off out there and I followed but I didn't catch him before he proceeded to try to walk but tumbled to the pavement skinning his nose and scraping his forehead. I felt bad and Roger wasn't too happy, but he's alright and didn't cry very long. I'm just relieved he didn't get a concussion. That's MY boy for you!! I got this picture of him Monday morning and I thought it was a perfect face! I enjoy having a boy first because he's so fun...and I'm pretty sure Aliana is going to be a miss priss, but I guess only time will tell.

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The Taylor Family said...

your little girl is a cutie. She is a lot darker than your boy its crazy!!!