Wednesday, June 30, 2010


was a day we all wish we could have lived without!!!

We had been invited to Alexys Sanchez's birthday party and we were really excited to go since their family (Michael has been his best friend for years and was also his best man) has been such a big part of Roger's life and because just the night before her movie "Grown-Ups" was released so we also wanted to congratulate her on that. When we got there we noticed they had an above ground pool and we told Ethan since he didn't have his water wings he couldn't go in the big pool but just the small kiddie one. He was fine with that and played in the kiddie pool for a good 30 minutes. Then he decided he was done and came over to switch back into his regular clothes. Well about 10 minutes later he wanted to swim again and again went to the kiddie pool. Then we walked around a bit and the adults decided we were going to play some volleyball so while they were getting the teams set up I decided I better make a quick trip to the bathroom so I wouldn't have to miss out during the game to run in. Well when I cam back outside I did not see Ethan or Ali...there were between 70-80 people there so it was hard to see everyone anyways but I told Roger I didn't see them and asked if he knew where they were....that concerned him a little so we headed toward the pool and toy area and all of a sudden I see Roger book it in a hard sprint to the pool pull Ethan up out of the water and on to the ground. I really can't remember if I fell to my knees then and cried before making it to Ethan but that's what I think happened. I got to him quickly and he started to cough and foam at the mouth a little. We kept him on his side and Kyleigh, Michael's wife, and another gal who is also a nurse were right there coaching me on what we needed to do to get the water out. Since some water was coming up we didn't do CPR....He was purple but the color was starting to come back slowly...we raced him inside after someone had called 911, which let me tell you I did not hear sirens coming when they finally arrived. I don't know if it's because of what the person who finally got ahold of 911 said to them or what, but it was not a quick response. The grant county sheriff was there before the EMTs were. Once we were inside I told Roger we needed someone to help him give him a blessing asap and he grabbed Eloy Sr. to help him do that. Things got better after that...more water came out and we moved him outside when the sheriffs got there and he threw up more water. I held him this whole time crying because I didn't know what was going to happen and I didn't know how much water was still in his lungs. Once we got him in the ambulance they took his oxygen levels and his heartbeat and said his levels were good and normal so they drove normal speed to the ER all the while I'm worried it could get ugly and time because he kept gurgling up water and swallowing it. My dad later informed me the swallowing was ok because it would go into his stomach and be out of his lungs. Once I got in the ambulance I finally got a chance to text someone in my family (Brandi, my sister-in-law, because she was the last person who had texted me) and just said Ethan fell in the pool. Call my dad. Get to the ER. In the ambulance. Roger had tried to call my dad once he pulled Ethan out of the pool and searched for the phone to call 911 and then my dad but since he couldn't find his phone he had called my grandpa because he was the only Waites phone number in the phone book and then my dad. I could tell Roger felt awful about the whole thing because he kept telling me he was "sorry" over and over again while crying and he had to keep his distance because he just couldn't take it.
While I was in the ambulance I just kept fighting with Ethan to stay awake with me and I had to hold an oxygen mask close to his face. I did not want him to fall asleep because I knew we needed him awake and going to make sure he would get it all out. Roger was supposed to be following behind but I was so worried because I knew he wouldn't be in a good enough state to do it...We are so grateful for the wonderful friends we have that were there with us. Michael drove Roger to the hospital with Ali and Brooke Caldwell stayed with Benjamin at the party until someone could go get him. Roger said he wasn't able to drive because he was too much in shock.
Once we got to the hospital my whole family was there...somehow they all beat us because the ambulance was slow...The Dr. and nurses were ready for us and asked questions right away and got an x-ray really quick. His arms and legs were still a little purple but by this time he actually could respond and tell us what our names were. This made me smile. There was still a little bit of fluid in one lung so the Dr. said since my dad was a PA that she felt comfortable with him going home with us as long as we watched for a cough or fever because it could be pneumonia forming or get worse. We were so lucky he got most of the fluid out and was becoming more responsive. We had decided in the hospital we needed to go back to the party and say hi and let everyone know he was okay so we did so and while we were there he threw up some more with food this time. That was the last time he threw up that day and has been doing really well since. However, my husband and I are still freaked!! Roger more than I because he was the one to see him blue and pull him out when unresponsive. He really didn't think he was going to make it. He has been sleeping (well attempting to sleep because he really can't) with Ethan since and ended up taking the rest of the week off after trying to go back to work yesterday.

Later we found out that Ethan had thrown a ball in the water and started to climb up the ladder when an adult took him down and told him not to go up there again and gave him the ball back. Well she turned away and he threw it again and went in after it and the other kids thought he was swimming supposedly when Josh Jesse Jr. (only 10 years old) noticed he was under and not coming back up and pulled him up as much as possible which was when Roger booked it and pulled him out. Thank goodness that Josh went to the party that day when he was supposed to be at a softball tournament with the rest of his family. We owe him a lot for knowing what to do and how to help someone..

The lesson we have learned is to always keep floatation devices for your children if they will be around water...And watch them closely...yes there were lots of people watching but it only takes a split second for them to fall or jump in without someone seeing..

Thanks to everyone who has prayed and is still praying for our family. We won't be swimming for a while...but sooner than later... You can't keep these kids out of water forever when they love it. When he was in the hospital bed he told me he wanted to go swimming at Brandi's pool because he didn't get "sick" there. If he only thinks he got sick I think it's the best. I hope he doesn't remember the feeling of the fluid filling his lungs. I can only imagine how scared and alone he felt at that time and it makes me hurt. I love my children and I'm so grateful for the wonderful gospel we have in our lives and that my husband is a worthy priesthood holder so that he can administer blessings when necessary.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Too LONG!!

I have been a big slacker when it comes to posting....and there has been a ton going on so I will just name a few...

Ben is 5 months!! Wow I can't believe he is that old already!!
He loves to grab everything and anything..found him with a cookie in hand gnawing at it today.. (Ali set it down by him)
He is trying to crawl...and loves his belly!!
My Brother Ben gets home from his mission on Tuesday!!! WAHOO!!
Roger finished another year of school...wahoo... sad though that there is still more to go...
He is working hard to support the family and trying to find a job in Moses Lake for the summer..
Which leads to the next news...YES we are moving back in with my parents!! Just makes the most sense right now...more details later...
My mom's business is doing really well...which is good for me to keep working...We have I think 6 weddings left to do for this summer...
Ethan is picking up on lots of "adult" words/sayings...and uses them in the right context!!! For example he was telling me "oh my gosh mom....." the other night and I couldn't believe he knew all of that together! I try not to use that saying around him too much because I don't want him to accidentally say the Lord's name in vain once like most other people say now days.
Ali loves to just jump off matter how high above ground it is!! (scary)

SUMMER HAS BEGUN AND WE LOVE THE SUN!! Hope to spend some days at the Surf 'N Slide with the kids so they can get their skin a little tan!! :)

I hope to post more this week after my brother gets back with pictures of everything!!