Friday, May 29, 2009


Ethan and Ali love to dance so when we're in the car they keep it on up while we're driving. Look at this!! Karissa took it with her phone so it's not that clear but so stinkin' cute!!! I love these two!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This morning the doctor called to let me know the results from Ali's VCUG yesterday. She said the ultrasound went perfect and Ali doesn't have reflux. She did however say that just because that didn't show we still might have problems with her getting UTI's so to keep a watch on her and her fevers for sure because if it happens again it'll probably be within the next six months. We still have to take her in sometime this week to get her blood drawn again because that was a little funky but hopefully just from the infection. We are super relieved and hope that things stay normal for her. I just can't imagine if things get worse and that tiny little girl has to have surgery. It would not be fun!

My blood tests came back normal so that was awesome because I have been worried about it. I am still having pain but just trying to cope with it. The doctor knows I'm tender so she's a little concerned. If I continue to have the pain I might ask about getting my gallbladder checked because other people have told me they have had different symptoms than the normal ones (for gallbladder) and it was their gallbladder.

We had a great memorial day weekend with the family in Moses Lake and I'll hopefully get some video up from it.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Me, Ali, and what's to come.

Almost two weeks ago I went in again for more pain in my stomach. They couldn't find anything with the CT scan this time and the doctor told me I should just wait for the pain to worsen and it'll probably be my appendix that they take out. So...I'm just waiting. My mom said her appendix hurt all summer long before she got an attack so I don't know if it'll be the same for me but I wish it would just get it over with. I have two kids I need to take care of... I had a follow up with my doctor Friday and everything on my right side was still super tender. She said she was also concerned because my blood work was a little wacky so she had another blood test done to check stuff. Hopefully I'll hear back on those soon.

Now to the sad part. Last Saturday we took Ali into the ER because she had a fever of 102 and it wasn't breaking with Tylenol so we were worried that it could be strep or something. Well she saw a PA and he said she sounded good so it might be a virus and asked if I would mind her getting a urine catheter to see if it might be a UTI. Well it was definitely a UTI. He told me since she had a fever it was most likely a kidney infection now and not just a bladder infection. She got shots of antibiotics and a prescription and we were on our way. Sunday she seemed to act a little better but by Monday she wasn't eating or drinking anything and I had only changed her diaper twice but only to find that she was dry so since it had been 48 hours by Monday night we decided to take her back in since she still had a fever as well. The doctor we saw at Deaconess was super nice but concerned. He told us she was going to have to be hooked up to IV's and she'd be transported by ambulance to Sacred Heart since they didn't have a Pediatric department at Deaconess anymore. The first nurse couldn't get an IV in her so she made another nurse do it who had worked with kids before so she got it in on the first try. Ali was super strong and fought them the whole time, but she was a lot happier once it was finally in. She cried the whole time we were at Deaconess. It was sad to see her so upset, but once we got to Sacred Heart she had gotten a little bit brighter and I think just happier to be in a new place. It was about 2AM by the time Roger left us there and went back to help Karissa with Ethan. It's been a blessing to have Karissa living with us the last couple weeks because we've needed her help with all of us going into the ER. Ali and I didn't get much sleep that night with the nurse coming in to check on her every two hours. And I was just so concerned and worried for be honest I haven't slept well since I was in the hospital the first time unless I take pain killers. Tuesday morning she was still so exhausted she slept most of the day and was not acting like herself at all. She wouldn't give kisses, smile, or even walk. She just wanted to cuddle and lay there and if any of you know her you know she is independent and wants to be left alone to do things on her own. And always has a smile on her face. I called my mom crying because I was super concerned and knew that they would be doing an ultrasound on her kidneys which I was afraid wouldn't be good. My mom has been so busy with photo shoots and proofing sessions she couldn't make it up to be with us so she called my dad and asked him to come and help as well as give Ali a blessing with Roger. Kaitlin also showed up and surprised us. We were happy to have family there to lighten the mood. Ali loves her grandpa and laid with him for a good hour and a half. Every time the nurse came in she would sink down and hide from them on the side of my dad. It was cute. She did not want to be poked at any longer. The IV kept getting bent in her arm so the pump was constantly beeping. The doctor informed us Tuesday that she would have to stay another night to make sure she kept her fever down and to watch what she was eating/drinking. Wednesday the doctor came in and woke us up that morning...which was actually at 10:30AM but she came a lot later Tuesday so we weren't expecting her there so soon. Ali had woke up at 4AM and was awake with me for an hour and a half so she was still tired. The doctor told me that there was some dilation at the openings of her kidneys so we would have to do a different ultrasound called a VCUG. It is a test where they light up the kidneys and tubes to the bladder and see if there is reflex back up to the kidneys when she is urinating. It won't be fun for her to have to get another catheter, but I want to make sure she isn't going to keep having these UTI's. We had a follow up with her doctor Thursday and she seemed good so she wasn't worried but did schedule the VCUG for the 26th so we'll see what happens. She is pretty much back to her normal happy self. The funniest thing she's been doing lately is when we ask her where her mouth is she opens it super wide. I hope we can find out camcorder's charger so we can get a video of it because it's so CUTE!!

I thought that April but was a bad month but I think it was just preparing me for what was to come with my little girl. All in all this has been scary but I'm grateful to know that she's doing better and happier. She has to take the antibiotics for another 5 days. Thanks for all of the family that has been praying for her. It really has helped. Oh and I feel like I don't know anything that's been going on with everyone's going to take me a while to get caught up...

Friday, May 1, 2009

Our 4th Anniversary and Roger's Phlebotomy Graduation Party

Yesterday, April 30, was Roger and my 4th Anniversary. We had a fun day! He surprised me when he came home from his first class with roses and gerber daisies ((pictured below.) I love how the temple where we were sealed is right behind it). I was excited and then while he was in his next class Karissa helped me with the kids and we went to Walmart and got him the Call of Duty game for his xbox 360. He loved it. I guess it wasn't the exact one that he wanted but it is the same one that his friends have so he can at least play people he knows online with it. He was super surprised because he had no clue. He had a lab for his A&P class that night so we waited until he got home to head out to town. We went to Twigs for dinner. We hadn't been there before so we decided to try it out. He got a chicken teriyaki pita and I got a oriental chicken salad but we traded half way through because we both liked the others as well. It was a yummy place. They have three restaurants in the Spokane area so if you are in Spokane and want a new place to try you should go there. We were done eating at 10pm and we had two hours until the new X-men Origins movie came out so we decided to camp out in the theater and wait since nothing else was open. It was funny because so many people were in there the whole time and talking about the comic book club they have and how we all knew what they were talking about because we were all NERDS. Lol...too funny because I've never read a comic in my life! I love the movies though!! It was cool. About an hour before the movie started people had blown up beach balls throwing them all around. Roger was fun to watch during that because he had his arms out trying to block them the whole time so I wouldn't get smashed in the face! He's so sweet! I could defend myself pretty well though. I think he was impressed by my quick reflexes. Karissa watched our kids and we were so happy to get to enjoy such a cool day together. It's funny cause the day we got married we went to Spokane, to stay in the Davenport hotel (fabulous, gorgeous hotel) since we only had like two night before Roger had to be back to class at Big Bend, and ate downtown and went to a movie in that same theater. (We wouldn't have endeavored out of our room if I hadn't been on my monthly. Yes women I started my monthly the morning we got married. I was in tears quite a bit that day about it) Roger finished his Phlebotomy classes and the last day they had a party to celebrate. This is our family together at the party. My mom, sister, Karissa, Chris, and Antonio came to support him. My dad couldn't make it because he had a work meeting in Tri-Cities. We are all so proud of him. It was a tough ten weeks, but we made it through and it'll help him in the long run. He loves the medical field. It was cool because his instructor said they were the best class he's ever taught. They all finished with A's and none of them had any complaints from their clinical setting jobs which was impressive. Roger got an awesome letter of recommendation from the lady who taught him things at the Rockwood lab in Cheney. She said she doesn't give out letters of recommendation to anyone, but was insistant on giving one to Roger because she was so impressed with his work. Good job babe!! You are the best!

Man my babies are getting big....