Monday, November 15, 2010


I feel like no one reads my blog posts anymore because I post on Facebook enough as it is...maybe it's more just business have we been overloaded with so much business this year but it's all been extremely amazing blessings for us all! We love what we do!

This year we went to my Aunt's pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins but still failed at carving pumpkins with the kids again this year! It was cute to see them pick out their own pumpkins though!! They loved it and Ethan wanted to keep his in his room!! Ali did not want to look at me for pictures!
I know it's been quite a while since we had Halloween but I thought I might do a quick little post. This year we got to take pictures of the preschoolers and their costumes and other people at AIM gymnastics. This meant pretty much that I didn't get any pictures of my kids (nor did I take them trick-or-treating) that are really remotely professional besides these few goofy pics of Ethan that we snapped at the preschool's Halloween party! Roger did take my kids to the trunk-or-treat at the Rose St. Chapel but that's it! They did score on some really good candy so thank you awesome parents who had your trunks all set up for my kids!! Ali really wasn't wanting to wear her snow white costume that night so we really had to bribe her. She is definitely one opinionated little girl!! Benjamin was a cute little lion!! Man he is growing up way too fast!! Not enjoying it!!

Ethan wanted to pose...Can you tell?