Thursday, January 31, 2008

Snuggly Pajamas

While I was getting Ethan ready for bed I decided to take some pictures of him in his snuggly pajamas because he looks so dang cute in them!! He was so funny because when he saw the camera he posed for me for a second and then he just kept trying to get down from the couch. I kept pushing him back so I got these pictures finally really quick before he got down. He was laughing in the first and in the second he kept trying to play hide and seek because I wanted him to snuggle with the blanket but he'd pull it over his head and hide. It was funny!! He gets so giggly when he's tired.
Nana was laying in her massage chair cuddling with Aliana so I took the opportunity to get some photos of her with her. She doesn't get many pictures taken since she's always behind the camera. They are adorable in their matching pink. Ali is such a snuggle bug.
Nana wanted a picture with both of her cute grandkids so we fit Ethan up there with her. She really loves these kids! And helps take care of them all the time!! Thanks mom! She even let me take a nap yesterday with Ali and when Ethan woke up from his nap she just watched him.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

President Hinckley

I have realized that important things that we are used to being in our lives are taken for granted. President Hinckley passed away this evening and it made me hurt deep inside like a part of me is lost without him. Not only has he been the Prophet of our church for so many of my childhood
years, but he is a distant relative. It was always neat when I was in high school and I could share stories of pioneers in my family and it would always lead to me talking about how I was related to President Hinckley. I thought it was cool then but I think it's even more cool now. I guess I just took it for granted. And I think it will help me to want to do genealogy work more now than I have before. When I was younger I did get into it because my grandparents worked at the genealogy library but I think it's time I did even more research. It is so important for us to get the work of our ancestors done. This is something President Hinckley agrees with so hopefully we can all have just a little more effort in getting work done for our relatives so that we can all be together again one day. I know we all love and will miss President Hinckley. He was a good Prophet, husband, father, and friend.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Just for Aleksa!!

Since Heather got the pictures of Aleksa posted in her onsie that we bought together I thought I better hurry and get Ethan in his and get some pictures before it doesn't even fit him anymore! I tried to get a close up of the ad but he wouldn't stay still long enough so if I remember when he takes it off I'll have to get a picture. In the first picture he seems pretty happy and then he starts to smile for me in the second one and in the third one he has just had enough and starts throwing a fit because he wants to be held. He's started throwing fits lately so we're trying to handle that. He's always been such a good kid I think this is what we get now. Aliana is doing good though! I'll get some pictures of her tomorrow after church. She's growing fast!

Friday, January 25, 2008

*Peanut Butter and Jelly*

Ethan loves his PB & J as you can tell by his face! I was taking care of Aliana-feeding and bathing her and when I came back to get him from his high chair he looked like this watching tv. I just had to get some pictures!! He's so cute!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Her first bath at home...

She wasn't too happy about bath time!
When we got home last Thursday I gave Aliana a bath and I haven't had time to edit the pictures until today. I've been super busy taking care of two kids, working for my mom, and doing my homework and quizzes for school. I wish I could just quit school, but I know I need the education. Since I'm doing it at a slower pace though it feels like I'm going to be in school forever. I guess one more year isn't too long but it feels like forever!! Ethan is getting used to the fact that he has a little sister. He is still pretty clingy to me. Now that Ali is always wrapped up in her blanket he's decided that the blanket from his crib is his blanket so everytime I take him out of his crib he has to take the blanket with him. It's so funny because he's never been a blanket baby! I can't believe how big he is compared to his sister!!

I love this picture of her! Oh yeah her hair is curly on the top. It's so cute! :)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Aliana has arrived!!

Monday morning I called for an appointment to check to see if I was dilated. She didn't even check me for that because my blood pressure was above normal (which never happens for me), I had swollen ankles, and I was getting a really bad headache. The midwife was concerned because of the preeclampsia symptoms I was having. She said she would call the hospital to check if there was room there so I could get induced. I was so excited because I had been feeling miserable!! There was room so she told me to hurry over there and that she would be there that evening to start inducing me. The medicine she put behind my cervix took twelve hours to work so all I could do was lay there and wait. The next morning around 9am the contractions started getting harder on their own and I was feeling it. My mom and Roger talked me into having an epidural. I was really against it at first but the contractions were only like a minute apart and the night before they had given me ambien to sleep but it had only make me throw up all night so I didn't get any sleep. You can tell from the pictures!! So I asked for an epidural and it was quick and easy this time so I was so happy because then I slept for about an hour and then they asked me to get on all fours to rock the baby's head down. I did that for about 5-10 minutes and turned back over and told them I needed to push so the nurse looked and could see her head already coming and said oh yeah we'll get your midwife here asap. I told her I couldn't wait but I tried and as the midwife walked in I started to push and with one big push she was out!! Yes it was incredible and short compared to Ethan's!! I was so relieved that everything worked out this way because I had been so worried about doing a natural labor again being as sick and tired as I was. I rested in between contractions with Ethan's labor but no time for that this one!! She was a healthy 8 lbs. 0.7 oz. She was born at 10:57am. She is 19 1/2 inches long. Her hair is darker and a lot thicker than Ethan's. The first day we thought she looked a lot like Ethan when he was born but since then she's getting her own look. She's sleeping really well!! Yeah for me!! And everyone loves her!!
Great Grandma Waites hold Aliana for the first time! Ethan was so cute when he met her. He pointed at her and then when she got closer he leaned in for a kiss. No one even told him too, but of course we told him to again so we could get a picture. It made me cry!!
Aunt Kaitlin holding her niece!
My aunt Shauna was nice and watched Ethan the day I went into the hospital and even over night. He even ended up sleeping with her and my uncle slept on the couch! Sorry Webb!! She brought her kids and Ethan up to see Aliana!!

Great Grandma Waites, Poppy, and Viki were all outside my room waiting with my dad while Aliana was born and getting cleaned up.
This picture is awesome!!

Her Grandpa showing her off!!
Nana was so excited to get a picture with her since she's the one always taking the pictures!! And we definitely appreciate it!

Close up of Ali when she's all cuddled up with Great Grandma Waites.
She was so alert when she was born!! Look at that wavy hair!
Her daddy admiring her!
Poor Roger has been sick all week and was even throwing up while I was pushing but was so excited when he got to hold his little girl!! She's a daddy's girl already! Everytime I give her to him she just cuddles with him and stops crying!! It's awesome!!
Us together right after! Oh my heck look at those bags under my eyes!! I was so exhausted!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Some Recent Photos

Since I haven't had the baby yet I decided to put some pictures up that I haven't put up because Roger's had them on his iPhone so again they aren't as clear as the other pictures but I still think they are adorable!! Ethan loves to cuddle and sleeps really close to me. This is how he fell asleep that day when I was singing primary songs to him!
Over Christmas break I bought this puzzle to do. It is a photo mosaic puzzle and Roger had fun putting it together. We hope to get it framed for Ethan's room.
Ethan is so cute when he's sleeping in his crib. He just curls into a little bug.
My mom got this outfit for Ethan in Vegas, but I don't think it fits him too well anymore. His cousins said it was a bee outfit haha.
New Years Roger bought a Rubik's Cube and has been doing it non-stop. He's trying to make sure he knows every way possible there is to get it solved. The fastest I saw him do it was in about 7 minutes. He's so cute!!!
Ethan loves bottles. He's always trying to get them down from the counter. Roger let him have these two and he was carrying them everywhere!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

I don't think I can tell you enough how much...

I wanted to kick the nurse in the face last night!! Oh my heck so last night I started having really bad contractions about 11:45pm and I could barely walk anywhere. It really sucked. Roger was timing the contractions for me and they would be anywhere from 4-10 minutes apart and lasting a anywhere from 2-5 minutes. So we time them for 2 hours and at 2:00am we arive at the hospital. They checked me in and the nurse checked to see if I was dilated and she said yes you are at a 3. Okay so Roger and I are excited at the time because we're both just ready for me to be let loose of this misery. The nurse tells me to go walk around and so I do and then come back and get on the medicine ball and bounce around. She does an ultrasound and says the head is down and then comes back and checks again to see if I have dilated anymore and then says "do you feel comfortable going home?" This is when I about threw up. Oh yes I did do a little of that during this whole time as well. Go home?? How could I even think about that. When I was in labor with Ethan and dilated at a three it was only a couple more hours when I had him. Then I was trying to remind myself that they had me on the PIT with Ethan so it was a little different. I told the nurse I guess I could go home and so Roger and I are in the elevator and I just start crying. I am so sick of hearing things are going and then hearing "you can go home". Yeah so my midwife called today and talked to my mom and told her that I was actually only externally dilating and not internally and that she wasn't happy the nurse told me that. Yep can you believe it? If she would've just been honest with me then I would've felt better about going home!! My midwife also said I should try and induce it if the contractions are really hurting me because she agrees that Aliana is going to be a big girl. My mom had a couple photo shoots today so tomorrow morning we are going to get me going on the treadmill and going up and down the stairs because that seems to get my contractions going more. I'm going to hurt but we all just want this baby. Roger started school today so I feel really bad because he had to drive to Spokane this morning after being up all night with me. He is such a good husband to me. I miss him so much when he's away. The things we do for our families!! Okay I think I've done my complaining for the night!! Wish me luck....

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Seahawks crush Redskins!

Look at that cute butt!! Seahawks played the Redskins today and crushed them. Roger was excited! Sometimes I think I married my dad because he gets into the games just like my dad does. Roger is a true Seahawks fan and Ethan is too now! When I was in labor with Ethan Roger was actually watching the Seahawks game. It wasn't that big of a deal then because I was barely dilating. Ethan is a big fan of sports. He especially loves basketball and football. He now knows that there are footballs and basketballs in Ben's room so everytime he starts to climb the stairs he climbs to the left side of the house instead of the right because he knows uncle Ben has those balls in his room. It's funny because he tries to pick up two at a time but can never carry both. He likes to play catch! He even takes the tennis balls to Blaze and puts them in her mouth. Roger saw this onesie which came with booties that could fit a newbown and a bib that says Seattle Seahawks. He looks so cute in it and he looks like he has chicken legs!!
Daddy and Ethan watching the game while Ethan plays with Roger's iPhone. It's Ethan's favorite toy not only because he can talk on it but because he knows how to turn the music on on it so he can dance!
My two men that mean the world to me. Roger is such a good dad and lately has been a big help! I haven't been feeling well today and Roger took charge and even changed a poopy diaper. Ethan is still a mama's boy though. Sometimes I can't even understand how he loves me so much but he does!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year

For New Year's we didn't really have much planned, but we did get together with my best friend AubRee and her husband Royce and we went to dinner at Dana's. Ben, Ivory, Dylan, Kaitlin, Karissa, and Brett joined us there as well, but then everyone split their separate ways afterwards. Us four old married folks came back to the house and talked. It's fun to have a friend pregnant with me at the same time even though everyone just looks at me like I'm huge and tells Aub how cute she looks all the time. Yes, I keep reminding myself over and over that I had Ethan 5 months before I got pregnant again, but it still hurts! Not to mention the fact that I don't think my legs are tough enough to carry this much weight! She's going to be huge I can just tell. So after chatting for a while we decided to go get Sparkling Cider at Walmart right before 12am to celebrate and when we got in the parking lot it was midnight so that is where we all had our new years kisses...romantic right? Haha...and they were all out of Sparkling Cider so I suggest we get milkshakes from McDonald's but both McDonald's milkshake machines we getting washed that night. How ironic right? Both said the others should be working. We had fun visiting with Royce and AubRee and hope we get to again before they had back to Rexburg! I have made some new years resolutions, but will wait to post them until after I have the baby because most of them can't start until then..haha...

More Christmas Pictures!

On Christmas Day we went out to my grandparents house and had finger foods and opened presents. My grandma didn't think she could make a big Christmas dinner this year, which is totally fine because her homemade candies were delicious and put enough calories on everyone that night I'm sure. My grandparent's house has always been the funnest place to be on Christmas. I enjoy being with all of the family and just chatting. Towards the end of the night we played the name game and everyone really got into it. It was fun to try to figure out who people were and of course the younger cousins always chose easy names for us to figure out! Ethan chewing on a bow of course.

Alyssa and Chris just watching Poppy hand out the presents.

Angie looks a little confused! :)

What a stud! It's a tradition that Poppy wears the Santa Clause hat every year to pass out the presents. His old one got chewed up by Freddie but have no fear a cousin made sure he had one to wear!

Olivia, Shauna, and Grandma just chilling. Sam holding Ethan, but he doesn't look too happy to be confined.

Before going out to my grandparents we went to Roger's Aunt's house and visited with his parents, aunt, and grandma. I took this four generation picture because I thought it would be neat to have. Ethan's hat is completely falling down and Roger was rushing me or else it would've been better!! I think there are similarities!!

Roger's Tia, Abuela, Mama, and Papa with Ethan and Roger. What a Merry Christmas we had!