Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Happy Birthday to you mom!! Mom, I'm so happy I have you as my mother! You have taught me a lot of valuable lessons! Atleast I hope you're proud of how I turned out with my little family! You have always been there when I've needed you the most..thanks for all the times you let me cry on your shoulder even when it was the stupidest things. You have been such an awesome inspiration! I know you've had so many hard times in your life and yet you keep the church so close in your heart and that always helps you (us) out in the end. I hope your birthday was awesome. Sorry I couldn't spend more time in Moses! I've been thinking about you all day though! Ethan and Aliana would like to say "Happy Birthday Nana! We love you!" One of my favorites! This was outside the Seattle Temple.
Right after Aliana was born.
My two kids with their fun Nana.
The most recent photo I have of these two together!!

Mom, I know you probably don't like all of these pictures but atleast I had some to prove that you've been with the kids since the beginning!! They love their Nana.

Friday, July 11, 2008

4th of July

For the 4th we invited Amber, Dane, Taya, Brandi, Ivory, Rob, and Corbin to come down. We thought they'd stay around longer, but we had fun. We had mustard seed for dinner Friday night. Roger brought some home from work and then we headed to Riverfront Park for the fireworks show. Ethan was a little scared at first but soon got used to them. Everyone stayed the night (we played rockband for a while) and slept in until 10. Roger and Dane took the kids on a walk. We enjoyed having them here. Here are some pics and I have to thank Amber because I don't have an adapter for my ScanDisk cards yet so I took these from her post!! Taya playing with Ali.
Ethan and Taya playing the drums after they got out of the shower!
The two lovebirds who need to tie the knot already!!
I LOVE this picture of me and my girl!! Sisters...and then there's Rob
The kids loved to ride on shoulders and it wqas so cute that they were holding hands!!
The youngsters...well I guess Chris is old, but not married yet.
The whole group minus Corbin who took the picture for us!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

In need of advice...

I need some suggestions with two things that are bugging me right now at this point in my life..

1. This is the real reason why I am posting. Since we bought Ethan a toddler bed we are having a hard time getting him to take naps in it. Any suggestions? I know there are lots of you moms out there that have gone through this problem as well so any advice would be GREAT!! He needs his naps and is so cranky if he doesn't get them!!

2. I want to cut my hair. My kids play and pull on it way too much and it's been driving me crazy so do I make a drastic cut or keep it atleast shoulder length? And do I do the A-line cut or not? It seems to be the big thing in right now but I'm not sure it would look good on me. I really wanted to lose some more weight before I cut my hair but it's so annoying getting it pulled all day long!!

Please give me some shout outs!!