Sunday, July 5, 2009

Last week...

We had a lot of fun hanging out with our family in Moses Lake. Last Sunday our family headed to Quincy to see Roger's sister who was up from California. We had a lot of fun with them. The kids still don't really know her all that well but warmed up to her and her fiance really fast. I stayed in Moses while Roger went back for his second week of work at PAML.

PAML is a well known lab in the area and Roger just got hired there (locations all over Spokane). He loves working as a phlebotomist. It really lets him experience working with different patients and their needs. He does not like to hear "I'm hard to poke" though. He always gets them....LOL. He has a learned a lot about how PAML runs their draws though. He says it's definitely different than what he did at Rockwood Clinic. I am happy he is doing something he likes. And it helps to reassure him that he does still want to continue in the medical field. He didn't have to work Friday though since it is a paid holiday because of the 4th so he headed back to Moses to be with us Thursday night.

I had babysat Natalie Monday and Tuesday and we had lots of fun. We played outside in the water a lot since it wore the kids out and allowed them to all get naps about the same time. I loved that my kids like to play with other kids. Natalie loved the water as well as my little fish...Wednesday we went to a park with the Riner Family out on the base that they built last year. It's super cute. Thursday we went to the pool and it was nice because Robbie and Brandi were there to play with my kids and even got cute pictures while I sat in the shade with Amber's baby...yes it's making me think that it would've been weird to have another right now when Ali is stilll young but a little older than Ethan was when she was born. I'm happy these next two will be two years apart. Brandi posted pictures of my kids here. Thursday night we played games with Robbie, Brandi, Amber, Dane, Sierra, and Chris after Roger had got into town. Friday we had a bbq and invited the Riners and Barneys over. I should've taken pictures but I wasn't feeling so well. I got a bladder infection, atleast that's what we think is going on. Saturday night we had Grandma and Poppy over and we bbq'd steaks and sat out on the back lawn and watched fireworks across the lake going off on Pelican Point before the city fireworks went off. It was so cute because Ethan sat with my Grandma most of the fireworks and every time they would go off he'd blow at them and Grandma thought it was so cute she kept telling him to blow. She really enjoyed him cuddling with her. He eventually climbed up with Nana and fell asleep (I think the reclining chair she was sitting in had something to do with it). Ali liked the fireworks but wasn't as impressed. She sat with me for a long time but eventually decided Roger was more comfy and climbed on his lap and fell asleep. I think they are both getting colds because they started having runny noses and coughs and being really cranky. Most of the time my kids are pretty good, but I knew they didn't feel good today when we were at church and they just kept wanting to go back and forth between me and Roger. Robbie had to work today so he couldn't teach his lesson so asked my mom if they could be joined with hers. Since Roger was there and it was on priesthood mom asked Roger to teach the lesson. He laughed because he couldn't find his white shirt before he headed here the other night so he had a striped shirt and no tie so he said he was a perfect example of "what not to wear" when you have the priesthood. I was happy she asked him because I know he loves teaching and he does a good job so he went and taught 13-15 year olds. Mom stayed with me and helped with my cranky kids. And during priesthood/relief society Ethan had to keep going from Roger and I. It was a little crazy. I need to figure out what toys I can bring just on Sundays to keep the kids busy when they don't feel well. 1st ward doesn't like them to be in Nursery when they have runny noses because they've had kids get super sick from it so I didn't want to even try putting them in there. Only 10 more days and Ali is eligible to go in Nursery!! Yay..I'm hoping it helps Ethan be more interested in staying in there if his sister is in there. Roger is headed back to Cheney tonight. I decided to stay again this week since I have a doctor's appt. here and if I need help with the kids (since I'm sick, hopefully we won't have any trips to the hospital (I hate throwing up and having stomach pain from my bladder!!!)).