Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Three years ago today Roger and I were sealed in the Columbia River Temple for time and all eternity. I will never forget that extremely emotional day. It is one I will always remember. I had stayed in Tri-Cities the night before to get ready and beat everyone to the temple so while I was sitting there waiting I broke down. When Roger got there and realized I was a mess with huge tears he was so worried I wasn't ready, but that was not the case at all. I had wanted everything to be so perfect and how could it be when my mom wasn't there yet to help me with my dress? The temple president allowed my dad to give me a father's blessing so that I would be able to be comforted and know that it was going to be okay. After that I was so ready to get sealed to Roger. He was so amazing that day and so loving. I love going to the temple with him because I feel so at peace with everything and the look in his eyes makes my heart melt. I am so lucky to have Roger in my life.
When Roger returned from his mission and we started dating he got called to teach gospel essentials and when I sat in his class for his first lesson I knew he was the one I wanted to marry. He knew so much about the scriptures and I could see his passion for the gospel. It was something I had always wanted to find in a mate and he had it. Roger helps me want to learn so much more about the church. I love that even though he's a convert to the church he has so much knowledge of the gospel because he chose to study so much on his mission. I mean he memorized all of the scriptures they were supposed to on the mission and more. When he talks with my family about the gospel I get so happy because half of the things they talk about I don't know much about and am always wanting to learn more.
The gospel is a big part of Roger's life and I believe it helps him to succeed in the things he puts his all into. He knows how to comfort me and knows when I am sad. Roger always has an optimistic outlook on things when I am down in the dumps. He helps me to see that our life will only get better each day we keep living it together. I know he can get a good degree in whatever his heart desires and provide well for our family, because once he knows what he wants he fights for it.
He is an amazing father. I will never forget the way he looked at Ethan and Aliana when they were born. You could see the love he had for them in his eyes. He continues to show it daily by playing with them, talking with them, and laughing with them. Ethan adores him just as much and misses him when he's gone. He is so patient with the kids as well. For example, today Aliana cried for an hour and a half while my mom and I were on a photo shoot. She wouldn't take the formula. Surprise, Surprise. I know it can be frustrating to have a baby crying that much, but Roger stuck through it.
I love my husband so much and I know I wouldn't be the woman I am today without him. He keeps me going day to day. Life can only continue to get better! Roger you are the best! I LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Aliana is Beautiful

I love this picture! I haven't posted it because it was posted on my mom's blog. I decided that not everyone has gone there so I thought I'd post it on my own! She was a month old when this was taken. She has grown so much since and I will post more recent photos later this week. She is an angel and continues to do new things each day. Lately she has been giggling and it is adorable. She always wakes up in the morning with a smiling face. I love her so much!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hot Chocolate Anyone?

Yesterday Ivory, Ben's girlfriend, got into town from Ellensburg and was at the house. My mom bought a hot chocolate maker this week so we were telling Ivory how good it was when I decided to make some so she could taste it herself. The Hot Cocoa maker heats and froths the drink for you so you just have to add ingredients and push start. I guess I did something wrong because it just didn't taste the same as it did when my mom made it the day before so no one really liked theirs. Well I moved Kaitlin's cup towards the sink and we went to go watch a movie. Half way through the movie Ethan wakes up from his nap. Kaitlin went and got him for me and when she brought him down he sat and watched the movie for a minute then he decides he can't sit still and he goes into the kitchen. I kept saying, "Ethan, come here. Where are you?" A couple minutes later he comes in with Kaitlin's mug and he had hot chocolate (well it was cold by then) from head to toe. I'm not joking he had pulled the mug off the counter and it soaked him! His eyelashes were even drenched! I do have to say he smelled really good. I was feeding Aliana so Ivory went and gave him a bath, but it was so funny that he didn't even knock off the mug but instead grabbed it and poured it over his head. He looked so proud of himself too like, "Look mom I got you some hot chocolate." I love my boy!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Lunch with Friends at Dana's

Friday my mom, Aliana, and I met up with ValaRee, AubRee, Grace, M'Lee, Brittany, and Kaelyn at Dana's for lunch. It was fun to get to see two of my close close friends from high school and their two little girls! Our moms had fun catching up as well. We're hoping to get together even more over the summer! Aliana is the oldest of the three. Grace was born in February and Kaelyn was born in March. This picture is the grandma's with their precious granddaughters. Don't they look too young to be grandmas? The moms with the babies!!
Brittany and Kaelyn
AubRee and Grace
Me and Aliana
I'm looking forward to our next get together. Hopefully the babies will eventually be able to interact with each other more and not just sleep the whole time!

Ear Infections = NO Fun!!

Aliana was fussy on Thursday and we decided it was probably just colic and teething mixed together so I got her some medicine and she was feeling better. Friday however Ethan was not happy and mad about everything and that night we were up multiple times with him screaming. One time was at 4am which included a trip to Walmart to grab some Motrin so we could switch fever reducers every three hours to keep his fever down. Saturday morning my dad checked his ears and said one was pink and the other was "flaming" red. We got the antibiotics as soon as we could to try to make him happy but he was still sad. He would just cuddle up with me anywhere we were. For a while we were sitting in the butt sucking chair (a really comfortable chair here at my parents that is known as the butt sucking chair because one you get in it's hard to get out) and he had these little monster things that make music. You have to push the foot to turn it on so he would push it, lean into me, wait for the song to be over, and push it again and lean into me. This continued on and on and I was enjoying but I was feeling so sad for him because I couldn't do anything but keep giving him medicine to feel better. Aliana started getting a fever Saturday too and so my dad checked her ears and they were clear. Once again we just ruled it as teething, but Sunday her temp was still high and she kept me up crying a lot. Tylenol was keeping her fever down, but when this morning came and her temp was still past 102 my dad said to take her in. We went and saw Dr. Bross and she checked her ears and of course she had a puss ball behind her ear drum. My dad said you can check ears one minute and they're clear and thirty minutes later they can have an infection. I wish I would've just asked my dad to check her ears again last night, but Ethan never got ear infections until after he was a year so I didn't think she would have one. Who knew both MY babies would get ear infections the same weekend?? They are both on good antibiotics and Ethan is almost back to himself so I am a little relieved! The good news is they aren't contagious so if any of you were around me or my kids this weekend don't worry!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Elder Rob's Home

Robbie got home from his mission in San Diego on Monday. He wants to go by Rob now that he's older but it's going to take me a while to get used to because he's always been my little brother Robbie. It was very emotional for me because for the longest time when Rob and I were younger we were the closest. Now that Ben has gotten older they have become really close too. I missed him so much while he was on his mission. He's got a beautiful spirit and we all enjoy his fun attitude. This is the first time he's met his nephew and niece and he already has so much love for them.
Rob and Aliana

The siblings. Notice how I'm the short (and fat) one out of the bunch!! Goodness Gracious!!

Brothers...they love each other so much!

My parents and Rob

Grandma and Poppy Waites with Rob

The aunts and uncles that came to the airport.

All the cousins at the airport awaiting his arrival.

Game Night

I know I've talked about game night at Grandma and Poppy Waites' but now I have some pictures to prove it. We have been going out to their house every Friday or Saturday evening for the past five weeks to play games, eat food, and enjoy each other's company. This last Saturday we BBQ'd since it was so hot outside. Ethan had fun playing in the sand box Poppy made so we gave him a good bath in the sink which he wasn't too sure about when we were putting him in it but then as soon as he noticed he could play with different things around the sink and the cup he loved it and didn't want to get out. When we took him out he cried because he wanted back in. Later that night we gave him a ding dong and he made another mess so back in the sink he went! He's such a trooper too! He always stays up late with us. I try to get him to go to sleep but he just wants to play and is a goof all night long. And of course Ali just sleeps right through everything!

Ellensburg Trip

Two weekends ago we went up to Ellensburg to hang out with Ben's girlfriend Ivory and also her sister and brother-in-law, Amber and Dane Riner. As always we had fun hanging out with them and our kids loved to play with each other. This picture was taken at dinner at the Pasta Co.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sunday..a day to relax..and pose for the camera!

I enjoy Sundays. Not only is it a day to worship and learn valuable lessons at church, but it is a day of rest. And for Aliana it's a day to clear her system out. The past two Sundays she's had big messes and we've had to change her at church. She cleans up pretty well though. :) I also like to get our family looking all nice and dressed up. My parents have always told me you should look your best on Sunday so I want to instill that in my children as well. Since we are in the Lord's house we should look our best.Roger and Aliana taking a nap together after church.
We got Ethan this outfit when we got his Easter outfit. I just love the hat on him.

This is Ethan's "cheese" pose. Isn't it funny how he tilts his head to his shoulder?

My kid loves to throw things!

Ethan loves to throw things lately, even if it isn't meant to be thrown. He always laughs afterwards too like it's funny when most of the time it's not because it hit me in the head! I still love him though...Roger got these images of him throwing the baseball to my brother the other day. He's going to be a really good athlete and break dancer someday!