Thursday, February 28, 2008

Let it Shine!

It was about 60 degrees here today and we were soaking it in! Roger washed the Santa Fe and I decided to take Ethan out for some fun time outside. He enjoyed it a lot and was worn out each time we came in to grab something. When we'd get inside he would run to the counter and reach for his cup because he was thirsty from playing so much. He's been throwing different types of balls around but today when we took this little soccer ball out I taught him how to kick it. He kept tripping over it but it was so cute to see him copy me. He's really learning things fast now just by watching. I love being a mom! I am reminded of it every time I see his smiling face...and Aliana's but she hasn't started to smile a lot yet. I'm sure she'll be just as happy-go-lucky as Ethan.

Oh yeah I haven't cut Ethan's hair yet so please give me some input on how I should cut it. I mean should I just get it trimmed or have them use the clippers and cut it short??

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Ethan is definitely a boy!! I read about everyone's kids that won't dive into anything with their hands because they need a utensil! NOT my boy! He loves to dive right in and use his hands. Well I guess you could say he also things he's superman because he likes to jump or dive off of the back step outside. Sunday evening when we had everyone over for dinner after the blessing, some adults were sitting around the table playing a card game and it got hot so they opened the door when they put the dog out and left it open. Ethan saw that it was open and took off out there and I followed but I didn't catch him before he proceeded to try to walk but tumbled to the pavement skinning his nose and scraping his forehead. I felt bad and Roger wasn't too happy, but he's alright and didn't cry very long. I'm just relieved he didn't get a concussion. That's MY boy for you!! I got this picture of him Monday morning and I thought it was a perfect face! I enjoy having a boy first because he's so fun...and I'm pretty sure Aliana is going to be a miss priss, but I guess only time will tell.

My Crazy Fun Son!

Roger has been so good about grabbing the camera and capturing Ethan when he's doing funny things. My mom has introduced him the massage chair and showed him how to turn it on so he likes to climb up in it and sit there and read. It's too cute!!

Ethan also likes to climb into things. He is always diving into his toy bucket head first, but here he is just trying to get into the basket!!

Picking his nose!! EWWWWWWWW
He likes to wear his daddy's hats. He always puts them on normal and then ends up pulling it over his face and walking around with it like that so he ends up falling down like in the last picture!

Besides all of the crazy funny things Ethan does he has started to do a little bit of signing. His favorite is milk. If I say milk he signs and then runs to the kitchen looking for his cup. Roger also taught him how to blow kisses. He does high fives and knuckles as well as wave buh-bye. He's growing up so fast and I can hardly stand it!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Aliana's Blessing Day

Aliana got blessed yesterday. Roger did a wonderful job. We are so lucky that so many family members got to be a part of it. I was a little disappointed though that everyone took off right after because I wanted to get a picture of everyone that was there. This is our first family picture of us four together!! Ethan had a hard time staying still.
I love my sweet girl. The blessing dress she wore is actually the same one I wore to get blessed.

Fun Times with Taya!

Nana and Ethan.
Uncle Ben with Ethan and Taya!
Ethan would throw the ball to Taya but she wouldn't ever get it so he'd go after it again. I'm not sure what he is holding in this picture which actually kind of scares me!!
Taya throwing the ball.
Taya giving Ali kisses.
Cute little Taya....

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Red is my FAVORITE color..

And Aliana looks so beautiful in it!! It goes so well with her skin color. I had to get some pictures of her in this outfit since I think she looks adorable!

Lunar Eclipse

There was a lunar eclipse last night and mom got this cool picture of it!


Amber Riner brought over her daugher Taya who is only three weeks younger to play and they had so much fun. The cutest part I didn't get on the camera, but when she first came in he went up and put his arm around her. It was super cute!!

Ethan being a boy and poking at her earrings. I enjoyed talking with Amber while our kids played. Roger did too because he didn't complain and it was his birthday so I thought he'd want to be doing something else but he enjoyed just being with the kids!! We hope Taya comes to play again soon!

Church Shoes

It was actually two Sundays ago when Ethan was still not feeling well that he decided he wanted to put his church shoes on. It was like he knew he was supposed to go to church and didn't. It was so cute. We noticed him trying to put them on so Roger grabbed the camera and followed him around capturing the perfect few moments! I think Roger did such a good job and Ethan is so cute in them!

Hitting the oven.
Close up!

Posing for the camera!!

Just another night at our house...

My dad took these pictures while we were sitting at the table after dinner the other night. You can see Roger is holding Aliana and part of my mom's face in the first one!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Husband Is Amazing!!

What is his name? Roger Alan Mar

How long have you been married? 2 Years and 10 months

How long did you date? 3 1/2 months, got engaged on Valentine's Day and 2 1/2 months later got married.

How old is he? 25

How old are you? 22

Who eats more sweets? Me fo sure!!

Who said "I love you first"? I have to say he did, but that doesn't mean he meant it then since it was like a week after we started dating...I believe he really meant it a few weeks before we got engaged.

Who is taller? Him - I definitely couldn't see myself marrying anyone shorter than me!! That may be fine for some couples but it just WEIRDS me out!!

Who can sing better? Me of course..haha yeah right..I think he sings pretty good since he learned on his mission..I used to love it when he'd sing to me when we were engaged!

Who is smarter? I would say we are both smart in different areas so that really evens us out because whenever we need help with something we just ask one another.

Who does the laundry? I do, even though he always says he wants to do his own I usually end up doing it because he never finds time to do it.

Who does the dishes? Well when we lived on our own they didn't get done that often and we usually took turns, but since we live with my parents I am usually the one to do them if no one does them...which means I do them every day!!

Who pays the bills? Me. I'd rather me see the money!

His guilty pleasures? Buffalo Wings, Popcorn with hot sauce and lime juice, ESPN, Movies of any sort pretty much, and XBOX 360.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? We switch every now and then, but it usually matters when I'm pregnant because I never want to climb over him to get to the door because I have to pee too bad to do that so I need to have a straight shot to the door!!

Who mows the lawn? My sister.

Besides you, who is his best friend? Chris, Cameron, Michael, and Jimmy...not just one!! He considers these guys to be like his brothers!!

Who cooks dinner? Me or my mom!

Who drives? He does- says I make him nervous even though my dad says I am the best driver besides him in our family!

Who is more stubborn? I'd have to say we both get really stubborn and always think the other is wrong when we want to be right.

Who kissed who first? It was four days after he got home from his mission so of course I wanted to lay one on him..I just had to wait an hour before he decided it was okay and he really wanted to kiss me!! He knows I'm hot...okay maybe not right now but I used to be!

Who asked who out first? If that's supposed to mean officially dating then we were never official until we got engaged! Roger wanted to date around but never did...I guess there wasn't anyone more interesting besides the fact we were with each other 24/7 practically!!

What was your first date? I guess if you consider me feeling pressured to invite him over for Sunday dinner than it was Sunday dinner with my family followed by a movie and then we made out while Chris slept!! GOOD TIMES!!

Who proposed? He did. I am all about the old fashion way of letting the man decide when it's time even if I knew he was the one the moment I kissed him!!

Who has more friends? I would say we both have a lot of friends...and know a lot of the same people because we went to the same high school.

Who has more siblings? He does...5 siblings!!

Who is more sensitive? Definitely me...atleast Roger doesn't ever let me know how he's feeling...which is hard because I wish he'd just tell me and not try to be so manly sometimes...I can't always read his mind!!

Who wears the pants? I would have to say Roger, but I do tend to get my way when I beg..

What is your favorite thing about him? The fact that he loves his kids so much. I remember when we had Ethan and how much he loved him, but I didn't remember it as vivid until Aliana was born and I saw that same look again with the tears in his eyes. Our family means everything to him. I also love that he wants to be a good provider for our family so he is working his butt off for school and really trying to decide what he wants to do for the rest of his life!! A career is a big decision. I'm lucky I only chose Business because it's a broad degree. I can't see myself only being happy with one job the rest of my life!! I love the way he looks when he has had a haircut and is shaven because he just looks so clean cut and younger I remember him from High School. I used to think he was so HOT...and STILL do!! Haha..I love you Roger!

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Friday, February 15, 2008


Roger really wanted me to put pictures of Ethan from his newborn pictures and Aliana so people can tell me if they think they look alike. So hit me up and let me know what you think!!

Our 1 month old and 15 month old!!!

Aliana is a month old today!! Oh my heck I can't believe how time has flown!! It's so cool to think that AubRee had her baby today and Brittany will have her baby next month!! Yeah all my friends are having babies with me!! It's so fun because they'll grow up together. :) Aliana has the curliest hair when it's wet but when it dries it's so straight and funky but we love it!! She has so much and I'm sure I could put it in pigtails if I wanted. I made some cute headbands so I'll post more pictures of her wearing those, but I had fun taking these pictures today!

She loves her binky just like her brother loved it at this age. Good thing that only lasted 8 months.
... She has big dark eyes...
They have matching hats so I just had to take pictures and yes they have the sweaters to go with them but they are so much cuter naked!!

Ethan likes to play with the massager, but it's usually not massaging him just in his mouth! Here's Ethan with his hat!! He didn't last too long because he was too busy!! I think we might chop his hair off this weekend. If anyone thinks I should keep it long please give me some advice because I'm not sure what I should do with it. I'm a little scared to buzz it.

Grace Barney

Just wanted to give a shout out to the Barney's who welcomed baby Grace into the world this morning around 7am. We are so excited for them and their new bundle of joy. Her and Ali will be a month apart and that's too cool! We love you Aub and hope you are doing well and enjoying that beautiful girl!

Friday, February 8, 2008


First I need to apologize for not have Aliana's pictures done yet or her slideshow! I know we've been slacking on getting it done so hopefully this weekend!! We just have to have a good sunny day and today definitely isn't and we've all had the touch of the flu or something similar...especially Ethan.

Last night was my sister's last basketball game for the season, which they lost, but we stayed for Varsity and they won by twenty some odd points. This is the first year the girl's varsity has done so well..and sad to say the boy's varsity had a really bad the worst in the last 10+ years I think it is. Anyways so we're standing outside the gym in the entry way and Ethan has fallen asleep during the last half so he had just barely woke up and we had his coat on him. We were standing there talking to some friends and he was giving us kisses like normal. Then all of a sudden he threw up all over me. It was so gross and it stunk. So I was only thinking about how we were going to get home without getting it on anything when he turned toward me again and threw up straight on with my chest this time. So yes it went down the shirt and everything!! My dad had an idea to get my tops off and wrap up in a blanket and after we got Ethan's stuff off we wrapped him up with me. Yeah so we broke the law and just sat in the front seat together like that but there was no way I was going to make my little sick boy sit in his carseat with a diaper and shirt on in the freezing cold was pretty warm in the car but yeah so that's what we did. I felt so bad for him and I'm sure he's still got a touch of it because he didn't sleep good at all last night even when I was holding him he still cried and this morning he went down for his nap without even crying!! Poor guy!! I hate seeing my kids sick. It's the worst feeling ever to not know what exactly hurts since they can't tell you and so you're not sure what to do for them. My dad checked his ears and throat and said they look fine so hopefully he just got a one day bug thing and he'll feel better or a little bit anyways since I know he's teething too so that makes him feel nasty as well.

Roger's turning 25 tomorrow!! He's not too excited but I am because I love birthdays! We don't have anything planned yet because he signed up to go out with the missionaries so we'll just have to wing it!