Wednesday, October 31, 2007

HaPpY hAlLoWeEn!!

Since there were so many skunks around my parents house this last year spraying a lot of family members and even friends and dogs we thought it would be so funny to have Ethan be a skunk for Halloween!! And what a cute skunk he turned out to be!!!

You can definitely tell that he loves to walk now. Everytime he falls down he gets right back up and starts chugging. He is so fun and I am just so excited for the day that he starts talking. I know he'll be saying some pretty funny things!! He is such a happy little boy!

Isn't that backside so cute??

Can you see the belly?? I look so huge!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Another Ultrasound

Friday we got to have another ultrasound just to make sure we were having a girl!! Here she is with a thumbs up!! And below you can see her face!! I can't wait for January!! I'll finally have a little girl!!

I went to the hospital yesterday...

So far this baby has proved to not be very happy with me. The sickness wasn't as bad the first few months as it was with Ethan, but she is causing more pain. Saturday about 5 pm I started feeling contractions. I was working full time at community health and taking care of ethan and other things when I got home in the evenings and still helping my mom with her business. I think maybe my body was just stressed out. I laid down as soon as I got home after I had started feeling the pain and all Sunday they kept getting worse so I finally called the doctor and they said if I was going into labor they would need to stop it so to go right in to the hospital. I was there from 3:30 pm to 7 pm and the contractions weren't picking up on the machine so they gave me some medicine to help the pain but it just made me feel really anxious. They did some tests but they said they won't come back for a few days so I'm just patiently waiting while still in pain. She's moving so much on top of the contractions but I have so many things to do that I can't just lay there especially since I have a little monster walking everywhere and getting into everything!! He's so adorable though. I did get another ultrasound and the pictures turned out pretty good so I'll post them soon!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Cell Phone Numbers!!

Roger and I are back to being WA cell phone users!! It's pretty exciting!! My number is now 509-760-8090. Roger's is 509-760-8080.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Photo Shoot

My mom had a photo shoot Wednesday and since I help her I took Ethan with me since it was to take pictures of a little 2 year old. Ethan helped keep her get focused a little bit but she was so stubborn. As soon as she saw the camera she would look away. I felt bad because her mom said that she has tons of pictures of the back of her head because she just hates cameras. I guess I'm pretty lucky that Ethan is tolerable to the camera. Well here are a few my mom took of them together when he was trying to get her to pose. Her name is Addy and was just a cutie. She had the most beautiful blue eyes! I don't think any of my kids have a chance of getting blue eyes!! That was a long day for Ethan because we spent almost 2 1/2 hours just trying to get some good pictures of Addy. He was so good though. I think I got a good workout though because my shins were hurting so bad afterwards. And I felt like my tummy had gotten smaller...which probably isn't true but I felt like I was carrying less weight. Hopefully I'll be brave enough to get a picture loaded soon so everyone can see my belly.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I have taken a couple courses on photography so that eventually someday I could help my mom with her business if she needed it. That day has finally arrived!! Since we have moved back I've had the opportunity to help her with her photo shoots. I have taken a few pictures at the last couple of weddings to show that I can help when she needs it. She just recently ordered a new camera and is giving me her D70 which is a really nice digital. The last two days I have used her D200 to take a couple pictures of Ethan. I have also learned even more on photoshop and have made collages for the high school sports teams and I've really enjoyed it. I learned quite a bit in my classes but my mom has had to refresh my brain a little and hopefully I can teach her a few cool tricks she hasn't seen. Taking pictures is an art and I'm definitely not as good as my mom. She's been doing it now for I think 8 years. I just hope with my practicie I will get just as good as her. She has a really good eye!! You can tell these pictures weren't taken by her! Although I do hope everyone enjoys them just as much...

Ethan LOVES basketballs!! and his Grandpa Waites!