Saturday, December 29, 2007

...Ben and Ivory...

These two are so cute together! Our family loves Ivory!! :) She fits right in....

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

**MeRRy ChriSTmas**

Merry Christmas to all!! We hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas this year. We sure had a good one! The best part was giving gifts and seeing people happy! Ethan has grown so much since last year so it was fun to dress him up and take some cute pictures. He was definitely worn out by the end of the day.
Here is my little cutie!

He looked so stylin' with his hat and sweater!!

Isn't the reindeer suit just so cute on him? He loved all his presents but was so happy to play with the bows.
Getting ready for bed!
What a cute little smile.

Christmas time...

My brother and his girlfriend Ivory made a gingerbread house!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Still waiting...

So I'm 36 weeks and going nuts! Part of my wishes I would've had the baby when I was in the hospital for that long weekend. Since then I've just been so uncomfortable and having contractions quit often. My midwife just keeps saying she's happy I keep adding on more weeks. I can deliver here in Moses Lake now too so I guess that's a good thing since I DO NOT want to be airlifted ever again!! That was freakin' all we do is wait...and wait...and she's huge. I can feel her all the time. She is head down and ready to go. I would like to have her before January since all I hear from everyone is how big I am and I just hate it! Of course I'm huge I had just barely had a baby 5 months before I got pregnant again! And do you really think I lost all of that pregnancy weight? HECK yeah I want to get really fit this time and we're probably going to wait 3 years to have another. Can't wait for Christmas!!

Ethan LOVES Blaze!

My parents just bought this new bed for Blaze at Costco last week and Ethan thinks it can be his bed too. So he runs and jumps onto it with Blaze and rolls all around trying to cuddle and play. Blaze is such a good dog that she usually just licks Ethan but if he does kick her she gets a little angry. The pictures aren't the best because Roger just snapped them real quick with his iPhone, but they'll do!! My little man is growing up so fast!