Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sick again...oh no Ali

Okay so Ali is sick again..She has had this awful cough for the past two weeks..started when I was sick, but on Saturday she started getting diarrhea and then Monday night started getting fevers!! I'm so sick of this little girl who is so tiny getting sick!! We have been alternating tylenol and motrin every three hours and it is keeping it down to sometime 99.9, but won't go down any further and won't stay down. She got her ears checked by my dad last night and has an ear infection but the antibiotics aren't helping with the fever either so once again we are headed to the ER as soon as my mom gets home (other clinics suggested I just go there with her symptoms in case of swine flu, but I'm guessing it's another UTI) to help me in case they want to do x-rays because I can't go back there when I'm pregnant. I was supposed to go back to Cheney after my maternity appointment earlier, but am thinking I might want to stay here until she's feeling completely up to it. She's been shaking with chills and her eyes are watery and she won't eat or drink much...saddest ever!!

While I was at my appt. Rob took this picture of her cuddled up asleep with Blaze. She doesn't normally fall asleep anywhere besides her crib. We haven't taken her in yet in hopes the second dose of antibiotics will help. If not we'll head to the ER in the morning.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

YAY!!! It's a


I was so right and it feels good to know that I was everyone that guessed boy needs to leave a comment with their address so I can send them a gift!! Yay!! Roger and I are so excited and can't wait to welcome Benjamin Cache, who will go by "Cache" into the world in January!!

Today is the day...

that I find out if I am having a
BOY or GIRL!!!
I have tallied 4 votes for boy and 7 votes for a girl!!! At 1pm I will be finding out!!! Yay!