Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Some Recent Photos

Since I haven't had the baby yet I decided to put some pictures up that I haven't put up because Roger's had them on his iPhone so again they aren't as clear as the other pictures but I still think they are adorable!! Ethan loves to cuddle and sleeps really close to me. This is how he fell asleep that day when I was singing primary songs to him!
Over Christmas break I bought this puzzle to do. It is a photo mosaic puzzle and Roger had fun putting it together. We hope to get it framed for Ethan's room.
Ethan is so cute when he's sleeping in his crib. He just curls into a little bug.
My mom got this outfit for Ethan in Vegas, but I don't think it fits him too well anymore. His cousins said it was a bee outfit haha.
New Years Roger bought a Rubik's Cube and has been doing it non-stop. He's trying to make sure he knows every way possible there is to get it solved. The fastest I saw him do it was in about 7 minutes. He's so cute!!!
Ethan loves bottles. He's always trying to get them down from the counter. Roger let him have these two and he was carrying them everywhere!!


Megan said...

Those are so adorable. I especially like the first one, you can see how much he looks like you.
Good Luck and I hope you have that little girl soon.

The Sharp Fam said...

That's cute that he likes to cuddle. You know we could NEVER get Trey to do that. And I feel so horrible for you with the last couple weeks of the pregnancy. How crappy. I would totally be freaking out! Maybe my planned C Sections wasn't so bad. Good luck. We miss you guys!