Saturday, January 5, 2008

Seahawks crush Redskins!

Look at that cute butt!! Seahawks played the Redskins today and crushed them. Roger was excited! Sometimes I think I married my dad because he gets into the games just like my dad does. Roger is a true Seahawks fan and Ethan is too now! When I was in labor with Ethan Roger was actually watching the Seahawks game. It wasn't that big of a deal then because I was barely dilating. Ethan is a big fan of sports. He especially loves basketball and football. He now knows that there are footballs and basketballs in Ben's room so everytime he starts to climb the stairs he climbs to the left side of the house instead of the right because he knows uncle Ben has those balls in his room. It's funny because he tries to pick up two at a time but can never carry both. He likes to play catch! He even takes the tennis balls to Blaze and puts them in her mouth. Roger saw this onesie which came with booties that could fit a newbown and a bib that says Seattle Seahawks. He looks so cute in it and he looks like he has chicken legs!!
Daddy and Ethan watching the game while Ethan plays with Roger's iPhone. It's Ethan's favorite toy not only because he can talk on it but because he knows how to turn the music on on it so he can dance!
My two men that mean the world to me. Roger is such a good dad and lately has been a big help! I haven't been feeling well today and Roger took charge and even changed a poopy diaper. Ethan is still a mama's boy though. Sometimes I can't even understand how he loves me so much but he does!!


The Sharp Fam said...

Go 'Hawks!!!! We watched the game and Nate was SO excited.

Walkers said...

Atleast Ethan knows who is better. ETHAN is the 12th MAN!