Saturday, January 26, 2008

Just for Aleksa!!

Since Heather got the pictures of Aleksa posted in her onsie that we bought together I thought I better hurry and get Ethan in his and get some pictures before it doesn't even fit him anymore! I tried to get a close up of the ad but he wouldn't stay still long enough so if I remember when he takes it off I'll have to get a picture. In the first picture he seems pretty happy and then he starts to smile for me in the second one and in the third one he has just had enough and starts throwing a fit because he wants to be held. He's started throwing fits lately so we're trying to handle that. He's always been such a good kid I think this is what we get now. Aliana is doing good though! I'll get some pictures of her tomorrow after church. She's growing fast!


Walkers said...

Ashley- he looks so cute! I can't believe how big he is getting! I'm going to copy those pictures so I can make a page with them- Aleksa had a blow out in her shirt the other day- hopefully it comes out!

walters said...

Okay so after you posted these pictures and talked about how your friend posted some too I wanted to see what her daughters looked like, so I looked at her blog. It was so funny because I saw Cache! My cousin Melinda use to date him, and when I lived in Rexburg he would always come over and hang out! I thought that that was so funny! I just had to let you know. It's crazy how small the world gets sometimes! : ) Cute pictures! Ethan is going to be such the charmer! : )

Reams Fam said...

Nice onsie!