Friday, January 4, 2008

More Christmas Pictures!

On Christmas Day we went out to my grandparents house and had finger foods and opened presents. My grandma didn't think she could make a big Christmas dinner this year, which is totally fine because her homemade candies were delicious and put enough calories on everyone that night I'm sure. My grandparent's house has always been the funnest place to be on Christmas. I enjoy being with all of the family and just chatting. Towards the end of the night we played the name game and everyone really got into it. It was fun to try to figure out who people were and of course the younger cousins always chose easy names for us to figure out! Ethan chewing on a bow of course.

Alyssa and Chris just watching Poppy hand out the presents.

Angie looks a little confused! :)

What a stud! It's a tradition that Poppy wears the Santa Clause hat every year to pass out the presents. His old one got chewed up by Freddie but have no fear a cousin made sure he had one to wear!

Olivia, Shauna, and Grandma just chilling. Sam holding Ethan, but he doesn't look too happy to be confined.

Before going out to my grandparents we went to Roger's Aunt's house and visited with his parents, aunt, and grandma. I took this four generation picture because I thought it would be neat to have. Ethan's hat is completely falling down and Roger was rushing me or else it would've been better!! I think there are similarities!!

Roger's Tia, Abuela, Mama, and Papa with Ethan and Roger. What a Merry Christmas we had!

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Em K DUB said...

Hey I know I haven't seen you for a while Ashley, but I think and always have thought you where adorable!!!!! And hey I have yet to know what life is like skinny, so if all else fails just remember it could be worse. . . you could look like you just had a baby and pregnant with another one your whole life!!!! PS I love your little ones reindeer suit. . . it's like the cutest thing i've ever seen!!!