Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year

For New Year's we didn't really have much planned, but we did get together with my best friend AubRee and her husband Royce and we went to dinner at Dana's. Ben, Ivory, Dylan, Kaitlin, Karissa, and Brett joined us there as well, but then everyone split their separate ways afterwards. Us four old married folks came back to the house and talked. It's fun to have a friend pregnant with me at the same time even though everyone just looks at me like I'm huge and tells Aub how cute she looks all the time. Yes, I keep reminding myself over and over that I had Ethan 5 months before I got pregnant again, but it still hurts! Not to mention the fact that I don't think my legs are tough enough to carry this much weight! She's going to be huge I can just tell. So after chatting for a while we decided to go get Sparkling Cider at Walmart right before 12am to celebrate and when we got in the parking lot it was midnight so that is where we all had our new years kisses...romantic right? Haha...and they were all out of Sparkling Cider so I suggest we get milkshakes from McDonald's but both McDonald's milkshake machines we getting washed that night. How ironic right? Both said the others should be working. We had fun visiting with Royce and AubRee and hope we get to again before they had back to Rexburg! I have made some new years resolutions, but will wait to post them until after I have the baby because most of them can't start until then..haha...

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