Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's Ethan time!!

Ethan has been doing some funny things lately so I'd thought I'd post them so I could remember them in the future. Two weeks ago I was in Moses Lake helping out with sports photos and my aunt Angie babysat the kids for me. It was Ali's birthday and we had gotten tons of pictures of her, but Ethan wouldn't look at the camera for the world. So I was shocked when I came home and Angie showed me this cute picture that he posed for for her. She took it with her iPhone. She told him to say "cheese" and he did and held it for her!! Isn't he just a cutie? And yes you can see little Ali in the background clutching her bear.
* While I was there one night I was taking Ethan to bed and told him to tell my parents "love you" and he totally said it. Of course it sounded a lot like "wub you", but hey it's a start!! I was so excited I kept making him say it over and over. Than I realized I probably shouldn't or else he'll get burned out from it and not want to say it for me much more.

* That following week I had set my alarm for 5AM so I could get up and do some work on the computer before the kids woke up. Well my alarm went off and immediately Ethan's eyes came open so I just laid there and tried to pretend like I went back to bed. Well I was peeking a little and he started to pull the covers over his face a little and then he popped out and said "BOO". It was too cute I couldn't stop laughing. I mean at 5AM there isn't anything like your little kid being hilarious when you're dead exhausted. Roger rolled over and said "honey it's early and I need sleep". Since I couldn't stop laughing Ethan said, "boo" and few more times pulling the blanket up and down each time and then I quickly got him back to sleep.

* He has been saying a lot more words. Some of my family members said it was normal for one of their boys to not talk until they were closer to three so I was beginning to accept it until my dad got his new job and he does a lot of well child checks and said Ethan should be saying atleast 30 words by now. Well he attempts 30 words but can't quite finish the ends of all words. The past couple weeks however he has been trying to say almost everything!! I love it!! And I've been trying to teach him colors so he's been saying those as well. I love when he says "lellow" for yellow. It's so cute!!

* Ethan has been so attached to me. You would think that I leave him all the time or something, but no I'm with him too much perhaps!! I don't think we'll ever be able to leave him alone in nursery. It's really hard because Roger and I really want to be able to stay in class and listen, but either one of us is either in there with Ethan or out in the hall with our on-the-go Ali.

* He loves the movie Wall-E now. It's so cute because he says Wall-E all robotic like Wall-E says it in the movie. We didn't know he knew how to do it until we were in Costco one day and walked by a TV that was playing it and he said it and Roger and I just busted up laughing. I guess my cousin Karissa taught him how to say it that way. Too funny.

* For some reason he's been fighting bath time the last couples weeks. He used to love it before so I'm not sure what his deal is. I almost wonder if it's because Ali hogs the faucet the whole time and that's where he used to play.

* He hit mom's nose with the hamper the other night and she has a bruise from it. I feel so bad for her. He's crazy though!! Such a boy! He also likes to call her "mom" for some reason!!

* He hates when things get on his hands such as food, play dough, etc that don't come off just by clapping them together so he's constantly holding his hands out sayings "hands" so I can wipe them for him.

I love this crazy little guy...and I can't get enough of him...I think I need another boy....:)


Ty and Dani said...

It is fun to read all the things Ethan is doing! I love when little kids start to talk and the way the say all of there cute! I am pretty excited and yes lol my bedding is from bed bath and beyond lol Stephanie has the same shower curtain too!

Royce said...

what a cutie i just can't believe how grown up he is!! i also can't believe you are baby hungry haha!! i'm still not ready for another one yet you crazy lady!! well you look way cute and i can't wait to see you again!!

The Graham Family! said...

He is too funny! Tonight we finally bought the movie Wall-E and Ashlyn says it like a robot too! I don't think she does it on purpose tho.. its just the way her voice sounds when saying it. Kids are too much fun!

Adespain said...

what a fun cute little boy! I hope William is still a fraction as entertaining as he is now so I can have cute memories like you do.

And good work starting him on colors!