Friday, January 23, 2009

Aliana's Birthday Party

Sunday we celebrated Ali's birthday. My parents, my grandparents, and my sister came up from Moses Lake. I made chicken enchiladas for lunch and might I add that they turned out delicious!! Aliana opened presents first. We had to wake her up from her nap so her hair is a little crazy in these pictures but she was so excited!!
Ethan couldn't help but help!!
My mom got her a couple dresses and she was so excited!!

She also got her a Belle doll.
She's getting so big!
This was her first reaction when she saw the cake!
My mom ordered a German chocolate cake and a little cake for Ali at Griffin's Bakery in Moses Lake. As you can see Ethan got to it and poked at the bottom layer and the frosting started to melt so the flowers were sliding down, but it still tasted good!

She's interested in that candle. We let Ethan blow it out for her.

At first she wasn't too sure about just diving in.....
And then she was looking around to see if everyone was watching...

And dove in...of course Ethan was upset it wasn't his so we had to let him get up and help!

That green frosting was everywhere!!

I told Ethan to say "cheese" and got this!!

But then I caught this as well!!
Wow look at that face full of cake!
Both of them stuffing their faces at the same time!

What E?
Sneaky Sneaky...trying to take it when she's not looking..
Can you tell that the men are watching the football game in the background? For some reason they weren't into watching Ali and Ethan demolish the cake!! Grandma and Poppy gave her some money to get a gift and we're still looking forward to getting her something...I was thinking about some more 14 kt. gold fell out and we can't find it anywhere!!
Sorry if this was a picture overload but it was so hard for me to narrow it down from all the others I had!! These two make me smile all day...well almost all day! :)


Alyson said...

Fun! I can' believe how old she is! She is so adorable. Love the cake. And I could really go for some good chicken enchiladas right now. Lucky.

The Harris Family said...

She is getting so big and looks so cute walking around. I love the cake pictures!

Hil said...

Aww.. Ali got a Belle doll that is so cute! That was my favorite when I was little and I still have a Mrs. Potts I got when I think I turned 2! lol