Friday, January 23, 2009

He got accepted!!

Man I'm so happy there was a good outcome!! Yesterday after Roger's interview he wasn't feeling good about it at all because as soon as they asked if he was going to school as well as trying to take this course he said it's like the interview went in a completely different direction. She started telling him he should look into other places to take the course because it was really hard to go to school and do the course because of the time changes once they switch to their clinical work schedule and that he would need to be completely committed and that others in the past have tried it and it hasn't worked. So he came out totally bummed and thought for sure he didn't get in. (One secret I do know about my husband is that he always predicts the worst so then if it comes out bad it's not as bad to deal with, but outcomes almost always come out in his favor. Especially lately!!) We celebrated anyways and went to Olive Garden cause we figured maybe it just wasn't meant to be and dang it's been a long time since we went out!!

Well today about 3:45PM he gets a call and they say, "We're really excited for you, because you got in to the Phlebotomy course!!" Man was he so relieved!! I told him it was just an answer to my prayers!! So Monday he has to go fill out some more paper work for financial aid and he'll start the course on February 16th!! Wahooooo!!! Good Job BABE!!


Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so happy. now the work begins. ya

The Graham Family! said...

CONGRATS!! That is soo exciting!!

Adespain said...

Congratulations!! That is so exciting. It is such a relief when you find out you are accepted!!