Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Cuddle Bug

Ethan is definitely my cuddle bug. I have been in Moses Lake for the last three weeks and wishing I could get home to help get my son used to his own bed and room. (Spokane and Cheney have been getting really bad snow storms for those of you who haven't heard so my husband pretty forbid me from coming back for a while until it was cleared up more and now I know why. Our apartment complex's parking lot has piles of snow ten feet tall from them attempting to clear some out and our neon is covered in three feet of snow.) Since we were all previously in one room he would go to bed in his own bed but wake up in the middle of the night crying and I think part of it was because we were in there and he knew it. He would always end up in bed with us. He loves to cuddle and grab hold of my hair when he's tired. This has been going on since he was born and is really starting to annoy me just because he does it at weird times. For instance, while we're watching a movie he'll just stand up on the couch next to me and put his hand in my hair and turn it around his fingers. He is so cute though that I tolerate it for a while but eventually tell him to stop and sit still.

Well last night I got him all ready for bed and read him a book a couple times and turned off the light. He whined a little but soon fell asleep. Instead of putting his hand in my hair which he kept trying to do but just couldn't quite reach it he decided to hold my hand and if he let go to cover himself more with the blanket he would immediately say, "hand" so that I would give him my hand back to hold. While I was doing this Roger came home from work and a friend stopped by so when I slid out of the room he heard them talking and immediately woke up. So Roger said he would help get him back to sleep. One of our New Year's Resolutions was to read scriptures and pray together as a family. I know that this might not work with all of us because Ali goes to bed usually before Roger gets home, but we will try our best. I read a couple of scriptures to Ethan and then we went back to his room again and Roger and I knelt by his bed. He wasn't too sure about that and stayed on his couch. I told him to fold his arms and close his eyes so we could pray. He did so and I started the prayer. Halfway through the prayer he decided he wanted to be by us so he came and knelt down right next to Roger. It was so dang cute. After the prayer we put him back in bed and this time it wasn't just my hand he had to hold it was both of ours. You probably can't imagine this but Roger and I were both cuddled together as close as we could to the bed just so he could hold our hands. This time he fell asleep even faster. I think it was because he had already done it so it wasn't a big deal. I was so proud of him because he didn't cry or throw a fit he just layed there. It was so awesome to have him in his own room and bed. Now I do have to admit that at about 5 AM he ended up back in our bed because he woke up crying, but went calmly back to sleep. Roger and I atleast got to sleep together for a little bit well not really because Ali woke up soon after we went to bed and would not go back to sleep!! Atleast we're working on it!!

I love these two kids and although I'm extremely exhausted at the end of the day I smile when I see their faces! I am so thankful that there is a plan for all of us and having children is part of that plan because without these kids I wouldn't be as happy. They really make me who I am!


The Graham Family! said...

That is so cute that Ethan likes to cuddle so much! Ashlyn has started to be more cuddly and I think it's due to the fact she's starting to realize there is another baby coming. I'm excited to have two like you! I love seeing pictures and reading about your two kids and what a blessing they are! I watch as one of my old roommates struggles because she hasn't been able to carry a pregnancy without miscarrying and probably won't ever have her own birth children and I realize how incredibly blessed I am to be able to have my own children! I agree that I wouldn't be nearly as happy without my little girl(s) and that they definitely are a huge part of who I am!

julie waites said...

I miss you all so much it didn't feel like you were here 3 weeks but if feels like you've been gone for a week. The house is too quiet and empty. I just realized today that dad and I only have a few month with Kait home. I don't think I like this stage of my life. I can't wait until Roger is done with school and we can live closer.
I love you Ashley

Stephanie Kay Moore said...

How cute! "Hand!" sigh... those kids are adorable.