Friday, January 9, 2009

My Ham

Aliana is my ham!! Oh my heck she smiles all the time...The funniest was when I wanted to take these pictures because she hasn't done this before, but as soon as she noticed I was taking pictures of her she smiled. The first picture below is when she started to realize I was taking a picture and then the next two were what followed. She loves the camera now and I'm lucky, because Ethan is not liking it anymore!! He refuses to look in my direction if he knows I'm holding it.

Ali has been getting into more now that she walks everywhere. And she climbs up anything. She climbed up her crib rails tonight and into Ethan's toddler bed and she will just somersault to get out. It's too funny. I didn't know she could get down from the couch either but she turned right around and slid off. It amazes me at how once these little babies reach a certain age they just go and go!! And they get so determined to do something and they'll finally accomplish it. Over the Christmas break she started really walking just about everywhere and now she's really trying to run because her brother just attacks her all the time so she grabs things and takes off as fast as she can so he can't get her. I love seeing her in a dress at church now because you can actually see it when she walks around and she hated getting all caught up in it when she would crawl. It drove her crazy!! Sunday at church while she was walking around she kept holding her dress up like she was about to curtsy.

Whenever I catch her in something or if she sees me coming (because sometimes I don't realize she's even done anything wrong) and she's getting into something it's like she knows she's going to be in trouble so she babbles and whines at me like, "please mom I'm really not trying to be bad" and than she'll proceed to move away, but as soon as I turn my back she's back into it and just waiting for my return. She gets into way more stuff than Ethan did and he always adds to her mischief. I just caught her getting into the plastic forks and the dish towel drawers. She knew she was caught too!! Earlier she got into Ethan's drawers and pulled out all of his clothes.

Two days ago I was telling Ethan to give me a kiss and he ignored me, but Aliana walked right over to me and kissed me. It was so dang cute! She started giving kisses when we would say "muah" but now kisses when asked for a kiss or beso.

When she walks around she makes this "zzz" sound. It's so cute!! She also holds out her pointing finger like she's pointing at something. Her first word was last week (besides "mama" and "dada") was "car". If she didn't have an older brother obsessed with cars who knows what it would've been. It's so funny because she'll steal the cars from Ethan and book it so he can't get them from her.

My little ham is so fun and cute. She is such a bright little girl already and I can't wait to see the new things she is going to do this next month!! Her birthday is Thursday! Wow I can't believe she'll be a year!!


bwaites said...

Wow, I get to post first!

Great pics, I always enjoy the posts, too!


That pic Roger sent me of the car was classic!!

At least you should post that one!

Adespain said...

She is so cute! So fun to see your blog too after hearing so much about you. Glad to see you are doing so well!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. Pics are great, those kids are so dang cute. I have a question about your blog, we have it in favorites and when I bring it up that way it shows your last blog of Dec 29. I have to go to your blog through someone else to get your most recent one. Do you know how to fix that?Love ya,gm

hennchix said...

Of course she is adorable! If you ask g'ma and g'pa they will tell you that she points at everything just like I did. That is because I am her fave. auntie of course!

Walkers said...

Happy Birthday Ali! We love you and wish we were there! Hope you had a great day!