Monday, September 29, 2008

NeW tHiNgS

Aliana as you know has been pulling herself up on things since the day she learned how to sit up. She has now taught herself how to stand up in the middle of the room without anything around her. I cannot believe this. She is growing too fast. She sticks her butt in the air and one leg up and then the other...and pulls her body up. She tries to walk after she stands up and she's gotten down one step but tumbles as soon as she tries to walk more.

Funny story about her is that the other night I put her and Ethan in the bathtub while I was getting together some laundry and the bathroom is right there so I can see them quite a bit while I'm doing it. When I'd look at her she'd get all excited and clap and fall back into the water. Well I went around the corner to get something and all of a sudden I hear her talking and it's getting closer and closer and I look up and there she is crawling on the carpet naked! She got herself out of the bathtub!! I did not think any of my kids at 8 months would be so active but she is! It's starting to scare me because I know they will both be big handfulls once they are walking everywhere together. Let me mention that our bathtub in the apartment is pretty low so it's not that hard to get in and out of just didn't think she'd do it!

I know I have complained about my kid not talking in the past but I think I was too soon to speak because he's really trying now and he's doing animal sounds! I just love it because it's so cute! Everytime I look at Ethan I get a little sad because I remember him when he was just a little baby! He's such a good brother ...most of the time..when he's not pulling Ali around by her arm.

Also I got Ethan to fall asleep in his bed. I was so happy. It was a little sad to have him cry so much but he did such a good job and kept laying down everytime I told him to. I knew he was extremely tired too because he didn't take a nap yesterday and I know he did a lot of playing in nursery. I love that when he wants something he gives me kisses and says please in sign language.


Duvall Family said...

It's like... they know exactly what to do to make you melt inside.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe her, she is way to active. You have your hands full, but they are adorable. gm