Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our Apartment

Okay so my grandma has been asking to see pictures of my apartment for a while now and I took some back in July but haven't had time to get them posted!
This is our living room. You can see my kids in these pictures. Ethan was sleeping on the couch and Ali was crawling/rolling around. These were taken right before I was headed back to Moses to work for my mom.

I love it that we have a bar even though we don't eat at it since it's so high, but it's nice to look into the living room and watch the kids while I'm cleaning/cooking.

Don't we all wish our kitchens were clean all of the time.

I want to post pictures of our bedrooms, but will wait until they are completely decorated.


Ty and Jenny Robbins said...

Your apartment is so pretty!!! I'm jealous. I haven't really gotten into decorating the house all that much, since I'm not exactly sure how long we'll be here. But I'm totally inspired after seeing yours.

Anonymous said...

Cute apt. Ash. Thanks for the pics. maybe we can get up there soon. Love ya, gm