Thursday, September 4, 2008

Family Picture

Okay so I know I've been lacking on the blogging life in the last couple months so I will just put this quick post up! We had family pictures done...well my mom just set us all up and my grandpa took the pictures. It was fun! It was right before Ben left for his mission. We wanted to make sure to get pictures before he left since we haven't had family pictures since I think...yeah it's been a LONG time. It's already outdated because Brandi Kisler will be joining our family sometime in November. Yes, Robbie is getting married and we're all so happy for him! I want to get some more posts up of the pictures of the kids but I need to edit the pictures first! So much is going on in our lives lately!! It's been crazy busy!!


Portia said...

What a beautiful family pic I love the color combos for girls and boys how stinkin cute!!!!

Walkers said...

FINALLY!!! No editting just post post post! I hope everything is going well! I love the picture- what a great looking family.