Saturday, September 6, 2008

My kids play together! :)

And I can't complain! It's so fun to watch them interact together. Well Ali finally started army crawling about two months ago and since has mastered the crawl. These pictures were about a month and a half ago. Ali's hair almost looks fake. It's thinned out a lot so it's not as thick as it used to be, but growing long. Ethan loves to play with his sister. He is always trying to pick her up and since she's so petite he can which is scary.
I love this little girl!!
I thought this was cute how I got Ethan in the background! He needs a haircut here!

I love that she thinks he is so funny even when he's hurting her! She is so tough. In fact the other night Ethan head butted her and he said, "OUCH, OUCH!" and Ali looked at him all funny and guess who ended up with a bruise? Yes, Ali did!!


Anonymous said...

Love the pics. Sorry about last night but I was feeling

Alyson said...

They look so cute together! So fun. And they both have the BEST eyes. So gorgeous. How is everything going?