Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Happy Birthday to you mom!! Mom, I'm so happy I have you as my mother! You have taught me a lot of valuable lessons! Atleast I hope you're proud of how I turned out with my little family! You have always been there when I've needed you the most..thanks for all the times you let me cry on your shoulder even when it was the stupidest things. You have been such an awesome inspiration! I know you've had so many hard times in your life and yet you keep the church so close in your heart and that always helps you (us) out in the end. I hope your birthday was awesome. Sorry I couldn't spend more time in Moses! I've been thinking about you all day though! Ethan and Aliana would like to say "Happy Birthday Nana! We love you!" One of my favorites! This was outside the Seattle Temple.
Right after Aliana was born.
My two kids with their fun Nana.
The most recent photo I have of these two together!!

Mom, I know you probably don't like all of these pictures but atleast I had some to prove that you've been with the kids since the beginning!! They love their Nana.

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Portia said...

Wow what beautiful pics hun!!!