Tuesday, November 18, 2008


To Mr. and Mrs. William Robert Waites! Robbie and Brandi got married on Friday and it was an awesome sealing. Hugh Baker was the sealer and it was so calming and reassuring. It was neat that someone from our stake got to seal Robbie and Brandi. I know they'll always remember that and keep a soft spot for him in their hearts. I was so proud of my little brother. (I had to put the LITTLE in there because people still think he's older than me! I guess I should take as a compliment..but I really think having two babies has aged me now to definitely look older than him!) He has made a really big decision and has picked a wonderful person to share eternity with. I'm so happy Brandi will be part of the Waites family now! We all love her so much! She looked so beautiful on her wedding day! I'm happy that they will be able to share eternity together and that our family has expanded and opened our arms to a make my brother complete. I hope they always remember their covenants and cherish each other forever. Congratulations!

Roger wasn't able to be at the wedding because of his professor that decided to make a test that day and said that no reason was good enough to take it earlier! It was really hard for me to be there alone, but I survived and remembered that the day wasn't about me but about Robbie and Brandi. I just hope he will be there for my other two sibling's weddings. He did make it to the reception...which made my day!! I love my husband and there isn't anything like being with the one you love on such an important day!
I can't forget to mention that my mom was amazing!! She did such an awesome job helping with decorations, taking pictures, and being a mom! It was a lot of hard work but she relaxed and enjoyed the day. I will never forget how awesome she was about taking care of my wedding, but now to have done two it's been a big thing for her. And how could she expect someone else to do the pictures and hope they turn out as well? She's an amazing person and I love her dearly!! I know she's already thinking of things to do differently with the next wedding in the family.
More pictures to follow of the reception..


Stephanie Kay Moore said...

I am so excited and happy for them!

Anonymous said...

Oh they look so cute together! Congrats!

Royce said...

those pictures are beautiful! i miss you ash can't wait to see you over christmas!! love you

hennchix said...

ash-call me please!