Friday, November 7, 2008

Ethan is 2 today!

I think this face screams yay! And I say yay for 2 year olds! I love that he's more and more independent. These last two years have gone by so fast and I'm hoping the next 16+ go by slower. He has been such an amazing kid and I love him so much!

Since Ethan gets into trouble a lot more now-a-days I am constantly telling him, "No!" This is his no face! I know he gets the pointing from me, but I only got it from my mom. I am trying to stop pointing when I say no to him, but it's hard. He makes my heart melt even when he's screaming, "No!" to me because he's too darn cute to be mad at! About the only thing that frustrates me is when he knocks his sister over. He takes the initiative to punish her himself...not good.

Ethan loves to dance. The doctor that told us his sex when I was pregnant with him said while we were watching him move around a bunch that he was a break dancer. I thought this was completely hilarious because Roger was a break dancer in high school and the doctor had no clue. I truly think he will always love to dance. He loves cars..any type of car, but most of all Lightning McQueen. He also likes to stick his cars in the smallest places like: our air conditioning unit, under the stove (which he pulls the bottom drawer out himself now to get it out), and even under the sliding door in my mom's kitchen when it's pushed into the wall (thanks dad for getting it out for him). He likes to examine things so he can figure out how they work. He's a lot like me in that sense. He is trying so hard to talk. We work on different things everyday, but his favorites are "neigh" and "car" right now. He will point out a horse a mile away! It's crazy because I didn't realize how many horses are on things. He likes to repeat himself until someone listens. He will take things to the garbage if you tell him to and sometimes you don't have to because he just knows. For instance, I was changing Ali's diaper the other day and I heard the cupboard shut and I look around for the diaper and he had already taken it and thrown it away. I really haven't asked him to throw away diapers so I was in shock. He freaks out if Roger and I leave him anywhere. Roger got in the car the other day and drove away and was coming right back to us, but he screamed bloody murder. He loves his daddy so much. If we're in Moses he will talk to him forever on the phone until he falls asleep. He just says all the words he knows over and over again. He brings me all his toys and tries to say each thing. He protects his sister even though he beats up on her. We were at the mall today and I let the kids play in the play area and this kid came up and was hitting Ali and he got mad and pointed at him saying, "No!" Ethan also shows Ali off when we're around new people. He will get really close to her and say, "Ali" over and over again. He knows if he's hurt Ali to kiss her better right away if she starts crying. Ethan loves to cuddle with mommy and daddy. His favorite drink is gatorade. Ethan's starting to eat more foods, but definitely wants to be more independent and feed himself more. I love this little guy and I'm so happy he was my first kid because he's been so much fun! We love you Ethan!
P.S. Since we have family coming into town for Rob's wedding next weekend we decided to throw him a birthday party the next day. Saturday Nov. 15 we will have a cars themed birthday party for him so if any of you are in Moses Lake and want to come by for some's at 4pm at my parent's place. Hope to see you there!


Ty and Dani said...

I can't believe you have a two year old. Time seriously flies! I remember the days when you use to sleep over at my house and we would stay up giggling about each others' brothers . . . lol. You have always been such a wonderful friend.

Cam and Josie said...

What a sweet boy : ) Happy birthday Ethan!

Freedom said...

He is so cute!! I can't wait to see you guys! xxooo