Sunday, November 9, 2008

Family Pictures

So we finally got some family pictures!! It was a little difficult to get two little ones still at the same time, but I think we pulled it off!! I really need help deciding which ones are the best. I hope a lot of you vote including my mom, dad, and sister who always read my blog but don't leave comments! Bare with me on the Mar family picture adventure... Which one of Ethan's pictures is the best? 1 or 2
Do you like Ali's pictures? She was so happy!! 1, 2, or 3?

Please don't get sick of us yet!! We need help choosing which picture will hang in my mom's house and my grandma's...and maybe go on our Christmas cards! (If we get some sent out this year!!) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6??
I like this pose...

but I think this is my favorite just because we're all smiling and not looking into the sun as much as the others.
I couldn't post without posting the goofy shots of the day!
Doesn't she look so funny?Ethan loves to throw the leaves!
We enjoy kissing the little ones!
Taking a laugh while Ali looks confused!
Roger and Ali were this was them the whole time while I chased Ethan down!
My dad was throwing leaves at us at first!
Uh OH! Mommy loves!


bwaites said...

I love the kid pics!

Number 2 of E.
Number 2 of A.
Number 2 and Number 5 of Family. But crop 2 a little closer.

Tiffany Fackrell said...

number 2 of E.
number 1 of A. if you want more of a really happy cheese smile, if not then I say number 2.
number 1 or 6 of family photo. But I think I am leaning toward number 1 the most! (haha sorry these are completely different than the first comment....hmmmm that probably wont help ya, but for the record I think they are all cute)!

julie waites said...

I love the kissing one because even though it looks planned it wasn't it happened and I snapped at the right time.... I love when that happens! I think I want that one on my wall Ashley.

Royce said...

ash your little fam is so cute! i can't believe that ethan is 2 already and that our little girls are almost a year...crazy!! so here are my votes
2 of Ethan
2 of Ali
1 of your fam ( i like them all but i think you are all smiling good in the first one)

love you good luck choosing!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is hard.
I like No. 2 of Ethan
No. 2 of Ali
No. 1 and No. 6 of family also like the kissy one really well.
the ones in the leaves of the kids are so very cute. Love gm

Bri said...

Hi Ashley! In response to your comment, we are doing great! We love the Seattle Area - Renton in OK :), but it is very beautiful here!
Your little ones are ADORABLE! I love the pictures.
I think E - 2
A - 3
Fam - 1 or 6
but they all look great!
Talk to you later!

hennchix said...

#2 Of Ethan, #2 Ali, #1 of the family. Such great pics Ash!

Ty and Dani said...

I am not sure my vote matters lol but i love the pictures. I know I always say this on your blog, but you have two of the cutest kids ever. I agree with your dad on the picture choices.

Carolyn said...

Those are my votes. I love all of them though. What a darling family you have!!

Cameron said...

I like 2 of Ethan
1 0r 3 of Ali
I agree with you on the family picture. Your pictures are darling- you guys are such a cute family! I agree with your mom though- I do really love the kissing one- it captures who you are.

The Graham Family! said...

My favorites are #1 of Ethan, #3 of Aliana and #1 of the family pictures. Just my two cents for ya! Those are all so cute.. any of them are great tho!! I really need to get family pictures done like that!

cache&lindsey said...

# 2 of Ethan
# 1 of Ali
# 5 of the fam
and the other one of you guys with the red i can't remember what number maybe 2?

Also i LOVE the kissing the kids one! SO SO cute!! the candid ones are adorable!

they turned out SO cute!

Lori said...

They are all good. I love the kissing picture and the one on the bench.....Good to see your family last night. What a fun day for you all.

Stephanie Kay Moore said...

We're coming home for Christmas!