Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ethan's Birthday Party

I know it's been a long time since I posted anything, but Ethan's birthday was November 7. Since we were having family come into town for Rob's wedding we decided to do his birthday party the day after his wedding. We had a good turn out. We want to thank all of the friends and family that came and celebrated with us! Ethan had a lot of fun and was so pooped at the end of the day. My mom did an amazing job on her new pizza recipe! She flips it up in the air and everything. We don't ever like to order pizza anymore because this is just as good or better than most places. Roger wants my mom to start a pizza place! Man she is so talented at so many different things! I guess I'm lucky she's my mom!! I couldn't believe she was okay with making ten pizzas for the party the day after the wedding. Her good friend Lori Jones helped her out a lot and we are also grateful for that. I tried to keep the kids busy with the dancing cam my mom got for Ethan. You can hook it up to the TV and see the kids on the screen dancing. We had lots of balloons and I even got treat bags...lots of crazy fun!! Ethan got Play-Doh from the Webb Waites family.
He also got Mater and Lightning McQueen from the Jones family.
Roger did a good job helping open again this year!
He got these cute cars from the Michael Sanchez family.
You can see his Lighting McQueen and Mater are tightly gripped in his hand.
I originally wanted to make him his own cake, but there just wasn't time. I wish I could've been more creative...there is always next year when we don't have tons of wedding stuff to do! (Atleast I hope Kait isn't planning on getting married then!)
I was definitely trying to show him how to blow the candle out, but he didn't need my help!
He did it all on his own!
My grandpa Bennett and his wife Annie. They made the drive up from was good to see them again.
Roger helping cut the pizza for the kids!
Annette and Ed came up from New Mexico for the wedding and it was nice to have them around the family again! We love them and miss them!
I got cupcakes for the kids and thought that that would be enough for them. After they ate the cupcakes they asked for cake!! The little piggies..LOL Good thing I had homemade cheesecake for the adults!
I love that blue face!

I know it wasn't Ali's birthday but she did get a few presents as well!! She got Minnie Mouse from my Grandpa Bennett and Annie, and a book from Annette and Ed.
She was so happy!
I love her crazy hair!!
She likes to read!

Ethan all pooped out at the end of the day. He wanted to play with his cars, but was too tired to stand up or sit down so he had to lay there! We love him so much and we can't believe he's 2!!!


Brittany said...

Looks like it was a great party! We really wish we could have been there...tell Ethan happy birthday for us! And what were you thinking taking off so early during Thanksgiving weekend? We were all supposed to hang out!

Alyson said...

Happy birthday, Ethan! I can't believe how old he is already. Crazy. I remember when you were pregnant with him! You guys look like you are having so much fun living next to family. I am jealous. I am hoping to come out that way in the Spring. Hopefully I can make it over that way to see you guys and the Bates. I am dying to see Angie's baby. She looks adorable. Anyways, say hi to your family for us.