Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Reception

Friday afternoon after the being on temple square we went back to the Walker's house for some finger foods and waited to go to the reception. They had their reception at a family friend's property. It was a gorgeous area not to mention decorated lovely. Roger took all of these pictures since my arms were full with Aliana. She needed my attention most of that evening which was fine because I probably would've got in the photographer's way a lot because I saw a lot of cool photo ops but I knew I would just be getting in the way.

This pond has fish and during the reception they fed them and they were jumping everywhere. Ethan just loved it! If you look close you can see the second shooter for the reception.
Their line down by the pond.
The lanterns looked awesome for this area.

Beautiful Aleksa!! We just love her...
Ethan...I liked this picture best in black and white because the lighting was bad.
Auntie Heather with Aliana.
The sunset was gorgeous.
Their beautiful cake!

The beautiful couple together! Cutting the cake....

(one of my favorites) About to feed each other...
I'm sure it was good since it looks like it was chocolate...and I don't know who could not like chocolate cake...

Their first dance together as husband and wife! Don't they look so happy?

Cache dancing with his mom!
Uncle Jimmy and his namesake Ethan James.
He loved the fire!

The getaway vehicle!
Cache going to get his bride!

I loved the idea of having the sparklers. I'd never heard of that before but then again I live in Washington and people from Utah always have creative ideas for receptions because that's the biggest part of the day because everyone can celebrate!

Look at them go on that moped off into the sunset!!


cache&lindsey said...

thank you SO much for posting these cute pictures! they are like just as good as our photographer we paid hahaha. i LOVE them! also thank you for coming all the way from washington! your kids are adorable and it was great to see you guys!

Walkers said...

I LOVE the picture of Cache on the scooter!! Beautiful as always.

Em K DUB said...

Oh my gosh. . . that wedding reception lookedd amazing. . . right out of a magazine! I'm really pissed they stole my sparkler idea. . . because I've been in love with that idea for years now!!!!!! seriously you and your Mom take amazing photos, that's so cool!!!