Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Finally The Rest of the Utah trip..

I know it's been so long since I've blogged but I didn't want to post anything new until I got around to getting these images edited from Utah! They turned out cute! There are a lot so check out the fun!
Saturday and Sunday of our trip we went to Heber City and spent the time with Heather's parents and sister aka the Daun family. We enjoyed getting to see a different part of Utah. Saturday for dinner we got to try Dairy Keen. It was delicious. Heather and informed us that they were known for their burgers and I can tell you quite honestly that it was one of the best I've had at a fast food joint...oh and their milkshakes...I crave them all the time now!! I definitely suggest this place if you are in the park city/heber city area. Sunday we took a walk after dinner. It was beautiful. All of these pictures were taken on our walk and then afterwards when we got back and everyone was jumping on the trampoline.

Ali got a lot of sleep this trip!
Aleksa has such a cute little smile! We loved getting to meet her! She has a beautiful personality when she's not trying to tackle one of my babies..haha

Everyone on the way to the park..
Look I caught a picture of Heather jumping in the air!
Heather's little sister Tori and Aleksa!
Ethan loved the gravel.
Roger's face was hilarious so I had to capture it!
Ethan loved the slide. He kept going up and down..up and down.
Roger took these pictures of Aliana after she woke up.
I thought this turned out cute..would've been better if she looked at the camera.
I told you...up and down..up and down..
*Beautiful sunset*

Love this face!
Cam and Aleksa..
Aleksa starting to get Ali...
Three Generations!!

I made these matching headbands! Aren't they adorable together??
It was so hard to get them to look at us at the same time so we just let them play.

On the way back from Utah we stopped at the McDonald's in Boise to meet up with a sister that served in Rob's mission. We were lucky they picked such a fun place for Ethan. He loved it!!
Roger climbed up in there with him and I got this picture of them coming down the slide.
Playing nintendo...



The Harris Family said...

Both of your kids are so cute! Love the pictures

Chelsea & Chad said...

Yeah we are very excited for a boy!! You guys make it look so fun!