Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Utah Details

I never said anything about our trip the first two days in Utah. Wednesday we left at 4am and drove to Farmington, UT where we met up with the Walkers and went to Brooklyn's softball game that they won in the last few seconds of the game by one point. After the game we went to Winger's for dinner. It was good, but we were exhausted by then because it was after 9pm and we only got an hour sleep that day because we stayed up so late packing and then left so early. We went back to Jimmy Pardi's house in Provo and talked. Roger, Jimmy, and Ethan took a trip to Taco Bell while I fell asleep. When they got back they stayed up chatting for a while. I was happy to get some rest and let my husband enjoy his time with his buddy. Jimmy had everything set up so nice for us. Thursday we got up and got ready and went back to Farmington so I could take Heather to get pedicures for her birthday present from me! It was fun because we got to leave our little ones with our hubbies and enjoy getting pampered. After we got back to the Walker's they headed off to the rehearsal dinner and we headed back to Provo to hang out with my brothers, Brandon Hill, and Jimmy. We met them at the Provo Towne Centre and then we went to The Pizza Factory for dinner. It was delicious. I wish we had one of those here!! After dinner we ran to the University Mall in Orem and Roger got some brown church shoes. I was trying to find dresses the whole time but my chest is too big and my waist is smaller so I decided I won't be able to buy many dresses until I lose some more weight. I'll just have to resort to shirts and skirts. :( I am sad because there are so many modest dresses out there right now but they don't look good on me!! I bought Turbo Jam (work out videos) before I left for the trip so I'm trying to get the hang of doing them. I know when we move into our own place it will be easier for me to stay on a schedule! More to come when I post the rest of the pictures.

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