Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Playing in the ExerSaucer

Last Monday I decided I needed to go get the Exersaucer out of storage so Aliana could play with it, because she's growing so fast and wants to do more. And she loves it! It's so nice to put her in there and let her play. When I take her out she's ready for a nap. Ethan loves it when she's in there too because he can interact with her. He likes to crawl under her and grab her legs. I love how she has bubbles in this picture. It doesn't surprise me since she's teething and always drooling.
Look at that smile! I can't believe how big she's getting.

She has the prettiest big eyes!


The Sharp Fam said...

She is just too sweet! Her eyes are beautiful. Time goes by too fast!

Anonymous said...

she is adorable! we can't wait to see you this friday! :]

Cam and Josie said...

How fun! It is crazy how fast they grow! Baylee is staring to grab EVERYTHING now too--we will have to get an exersaucer. I'm sure it is so fun to watch her play in it!