Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Day At The Park...

Nana decided it would be fun for us to go to the park so she packed a lunch and we went down to McCosh Park!! Of course she had to bring Blaze (the family dog) with us. Aunt Kaitlin loves her little nephew!! Nana thought it was fun to have Ethan in the tree for this picture!
Ethan and I went down the slide together!!

Ethan had fun swinging in this swing! It was his first time to the park!! It was always too humid in Virginia for me to go to the park!! I love my cute baby! He makes me smile!


The Sharp Fam said...

Looks like fun! I feel so bad for Roger, he has got to be so lonely. I went to subway yesterday and he was just sitting in there by himself. I bet you can't wait till he comes out. Are you guys living with your parents or do you have your own place?

The Taylor Family said...

Hey its so good to see your fam. I had no idea you had a blog, they are so fun i love them. Anyways, NO there are no kids on the way, and probably for a little while!!!! mine is WILD, shes a hand full. Your little boy is a cutie! talk to you later