Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Aquatic Center

Today we went swimming with the Jones Family at the Aquatic Center! It was Ethan's first time being in a big pool like that and I think he's going to be a fish! He played in the water for about 2 hours straight!! It was so fun to play with him!! He was trying to blow bubbles in the water the whole time and he just giggled and laughed!! He knew he had to hold on to me though!! He's a very smart boy!! And of course ADORABLE!!

Ethan holding on to the edge and kicking his little feet!!!

What a cheesy smile!!


SO an Ethan face....

He knows he's cute!!

His first time playing in sand...at first he wasn't sure what to think and just sat there with his feet moving and then he realized he could reach into it and pick it up. When we were done and walking away he still had two hand fulls of sand!!

I just love being a mom to such a fun baby!

Can you tell I love kisses???

Ethan splashing away!!

What a FUN day!!!

I think we'll be making a trip back to the Aquatic Center soon!!


Marlatt Family said...

So I got your one comment a while ago and I checked your blog but I forgot to write a comment so that you didn't think I was ignoring you! Sorry! Anyway, I'm glad you made another comment on mine. Sounds like you are glad that you moved back to ML, I'm happy for you. Your little one is really cute by the way, I can't wait to have a boy, someday!

The Sharp Fam said...

He's so cute! You are lucky that your mom has such a great camera and takes such good pictures. I wish I had my own personal photographer to follow me around!

Danette5 said...

I'm do glad that your mom sent me the link to your blog. It will be fun to check in from time to time and see your darling baby growing up.