Thursday, August 23, 2007

10 more days!!!

I think it will only be about 10 more days that I have to go without seeing my good looking husband which I miss dearly!!! This has been so hard and I give my heart to all the women and men who have to leave their spouses to go serve in the military. There is no way I would allow my husband to even say he wanted to do something like that because I can't imagine being away from each other for months or even years on end!! It would be so sad and I think I would go crazy...Plus to think that he would probably miss out on things that our children would do would be so sad. I guess you just work things out when things like that happen, but I can't imagine it at all and am just thankful I don't have to. Roger has been such a good husband about this whole thing though. I'm so grateful that he was willing to pack everything up for us and clean out our apartment. He also has been sleeping on his friend's couch, which I know can't be comfortable, and hasn't complained one bit. He's been such a trooper and me on the other hand has just been wanting him here already and I think who cares about anything. I just want the love of my life to be here and hold me close. If only we could survive on love alone, right? I mean I think we'd all be so much happier because we wouldn't have to think about money and worry all the time. I think that's what has most of us stressed and worried so much and doesn't it always seem like even when we have money it's still not enough? Oh gosh I think I'm turning into a hopeless romantic since my husband is so far away...

Okay so today we went to the Aquatic Center again and Ethan was so tired because he hadn't had a nap yet at all, but yet still played and played in the water, and then in the sand. I took him to feed him the rest of his bottle and he fell asleep for only about 20 minutes and then he was awake again wanting to play. We went back in the water and he just splashed and leaned his head up against me so I could tell he was tired but didn't whine or anything. I swear he is the best little kid ever. He hardly ever whines. I guess my next one is probably just going to be awful to make up for how sweet Ethan is. It's days like today that I wish Roger was here already because he hasn't seen him swim yet.

Tomorrow I have a job interview at Homestead Mortgage Company so wish me luck!!!

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Megan said...

Good Luck on the job interview Ashley!
Your little one is so cute and he's at such a fun age.
I have the same worry about my next one too. Ben is so sweet and fun...what is to come? I'm hoping he's just like Ben.
Anyways, good luck!